Empowering Human Capital Management

Create a company culture in which the entirety of a project-based firm feels supported. Improve the hiring process and employee experience to attract and retain top talent. Fulfill every firm’s HR needs with the feature-rich Deltek Talent.


Firm-Wide Employee Care

Accommodate the unique needs of every department and each team member.
Champion a winning system that drives employee success throughout the entire organization.
Enable an efficient and cost-effective solution with unbeatable talent management features.


I’m seeking a way to ...


Recruit and hire industry top talent

Source open positions and onboard new hires seamlessly and easily in one platform.

Provide a clear career development path

Create learning plans and curriculum using an online system for career development.

Manage the entire employee lifecycle

Track all HR related functions in one system that puts data at employee fingertips.
Empower Your Team with Deltek Talent

Create a Purposeful Employee Experience

Keep employees engaged throughout their entire tenure. Deltek Talent’s innovative features and well-thought-out components cater to the talent management needs of the entire firm:

  • Application Tracking System
  • Career Development and Succession Planning
  • Learning Management System
  • Employee Performance Management

Deltek Talent can do it all. Even more, Deltek Talent fully integrates with Deltek Vantagepoint ensuring all critical business processes are in one unified platform.

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