Preparing for a Successful Move from Deltek Vision to Vantagepoint


Are you preparing to upgrade from Deltek Vision to Vantagepoint? Join this webinar to learn how Full Sail Partners is helping firms smoothly navigate through the upgrade process.

Hold up! You may not need that preview environment just yet. Watch this webinar first to learn about steps that can be taken prior to the preview environment. 

During this webinar, Full Sail Partners' experts will discuss our 3-step process and how we are making the process easier for firms making the move. 2020 has been crazy enough. Jump into 2021 with a solid plan and see how our team can guide you along.  

Download this webinar to learn more about the Full Sail Partners' 3-step process to upgrade to Vantagepoint! 


Amanda Roussel, Consultant 

Sarah Gonnella, VP of Sales & Marketing

Kevin Hebblethwaite, Principal Consultant