Reimagining HR Practices to Meet Human Capital Management Needs

Over the past few years, many architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) firms have had to examine new ways to respond to both the global pandemic and remote working while simultaneously onboarding a new generation into the workplace. As a result, these professional services firms have had to completely readjust to meet changing HR needs in response to changing ideologies.

In this webinar, Senior HR Consultant, Tasia Grant,  summarizes the top HR challenges that AEC firms are facing today. She also goes through the different roles that handle these human capital management (HCM) needs at professional services firms.

Combining these top challenges with the various roles needed to proactively meet those HCM needs might create gaps for AEC firms.

To manage these gaps, Full Sail Partners is offering a way to reimagine HR practices through outsourced HR consulting services. This presentation explains how these services can help fill those gaps, the pros and cons of in-house versus outsourced HR services and shows how Full Sail Partners can help professional services firms when it comes to HCM.

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Tasia  Grant Circle

Tasia Grant, PHR, Senior HR Consultant