Let’s Do This! Streamlined and Effective Proposals with Deltek Vision

Streamlining_Proposals_with_Deltek_Vision.pngBecause it’s typically the first deliverable to a new client, a proposal creates a lasting impression about a firm’s quality of work, creativity and individual style. Firms that automate marketing and proposal processes to reduce costs and produce distinctive, highly customized proposals will increase the likelihood of winning business. By spending less on proposals, marketing budgets can be allocated toward other areas. Plus, endless hours spent finding, organizing and formatting proposal information are freed for more creative tasks. During this session we demonstrate how to dramatically reduce the output time for a proposal to increase time savings and reduce costs. We will focus on:

  • How to tackle the overwhelming amount of data
  • How to get organized
  • How to generate Deltek Vision’s Custom Proposals (we will focus on Word)  
  • How to quickly change your proposal formatting in seconds

Note: Checkout our previous presentation on creating proposals in InDesign.

Download now to see how to streamline your proposal process and also ask the Full Sail Partners team your questions. Can’t attend the live webinar? Register and we’ll send you the recording.

Presenter: Sarah Gonnella