Preparing for Deltek Vantagepoint Series

Keep Calm and Prepare for the ChangeA Deltek Vantagepoint Webinar Series 

As the Deltek Vision product continues to evolve to Deltek Vantagepoint, clients are looking for answers and clarification on how the change will impact them. The foundation of this new solution is based on Vision with reimagined features and capabilities that users should be aware of before they upgrade. Check out this webinar series to learn how Vantagepoint will revolutionize your organization.

During this webinar series, attendees will learn what your firm can do pre- and post-upgrade.

Deltek Vantagepoint Webinars

On-demand | Things We Love About Deltek Vantagepoint So Far

On-demand | Is Your Firm Technically Prepared for Vantagepoint  

May 8th | Get the Facts on Preparing for Deltek Vantagepoint 

May 29th | Preparing for Deltek Vantagepoint CRM and Proposals 

TBD | Preparing for Deltek Vantagepoint: Visuals

TBD | Preparing for Deltek Vantagepoint: Accounting

TBD | Preparing for Deltek Vantagepoint: Configuration

TBD | Preparing for Deltek Vantagepoint: Project and Opportunity Convergence

TBD | Preparing for Deltek Vantagepoint: Resources Planning