Powering Project Success with Deltek Vantagepoint – How to Better Manage AR with Varying Project Payment Terms  

Navigating the maze of client-driven payment terms can lead to a lack of visibility into when payments are due. This challenge becomes even more daunting when clients dictate varying payment schedules, leading to potential misinterpretations of overdue payments and difficulties in cash flow management. These issues not only complicate the accounts receivable (AR) process but also impact the overall financial health of projects. This mini-demo addresses this critical pain point.  

Discover how Deltek Vantagepoint’s billing terms and configurable AR Aged report can simplify your payment terms management, bringing clarity, efficiency, and predictability to your financial operations. 

Join us onWednesday, February 21, 2024 at 1pm ET to see the following: 

  • Invoice Payment Terms: See how to use Billing Terms in Vantagepoint to track payment terms and give invoices the appropriate due date. 
  • Practical Demonstration: Witness a live demonstration where we'll showcase how to set up the Billing Terms and the AR Aged report to use due dates to age receivables based on payment terms.
  • AR Aging Reporting: Explore the power of detailed reporting for a comprehensive understanding of your receivables, accounting for varying payment terms per project. 
  • Navigating Varied Payment Terms: We’ll offer suggestions to more easily manage diverse client/project payment terms and their impact on project accounting.
Who Should Attend? 

  • Finance Professionals: Ideal for those in accounting, finance management, and accounts receivable roles. 
  • Project Managers: Beneficial for project managers and team leads dealing with project billing and AR. 
  • Firm Owners/Principals: Essential for firm owners and decision-makers looking to streamline their financial processes. 

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Lisa Ahearn, Senior Consultant at Full Sail Partners  


Vantagepoint_Mini-Demonstration                 30mins 

Mini-Demo               15-minute demo,
                                    15-minute Q&A



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