Preparing for Deltek Vantagepoint Visuals

Webinar Highlight Screenshot - Project Record

As the Deltek Vision product continues to evolve to Deltek Vantagepoint, clients are looking for answers and clarification on how the change will impact them. The foundation of this new solution is based on Vision with reimagined features and capabilities that users should be aware of before they upgrade. 

During this session, we will explore the changes related to Visuals and discuss what firms should do to prepare for the change. Below is a list of areas that will be covered: 

  • Dashboards

  • Saved Searches

  • Reporting

Make sure to watch the entire Preparing for Deltek Vantagepoint webinar series.  


Sarah Gonnella, VP of Marketing & Sales at Full Sail Partners

Lindsay Diven, CPSM, Senior Consultant at Full Sail Partners 

Nicole Temple, Senior Consultant at Full Sail Partners