Deltek Talent: Talent Management System

Deltek TalentUnified Talent Management System

Deltek Talent Unified Talent Management Solution (formerly HRSmart) goes beyond integrated and offers organizations all the solutions they need on one, built-in platform. These solutions include Recruiting, Performance, Learning, Development and Compensation. Each solution can be purchased as stand-alone or as a complete, Unified Talent Management Solution.

The benefits of a unified platform include the efficient manageability of employees from a single screen, instant updates of all data, as well as deeper, advanced analytics. The days of purchasing separate, disparate systems are over. Today, companies are looking for a single technology solution to manage their entire employee lifecycle process. 

Deltek Talent offers you a better choice: Unified

Deltek Talent Management Solution allows businesses to maximize their strongest and most unique resource, their people. Deltek Talent streamlines and automates the entire employee lifecycle, allowing companies to smoothly and seamlessly recruit, on–board, develop, compensate, and track their employees. While navigating talent is complicated, Deltek Talent provides fast, easy-to-use, and reliable software designed to optimize a company’s unique HR processes for the following areas:

  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
    • Applicant tracking
    • Applicant engagement
    • On-boarding
    • Offer management
    • Employee referral
    • Vendor management
  • Career Development and Succession Planning (CDSP)
    • Career paths and development plans
    • Gap analysis
    • 9-box
    • Succession plans
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
    • Store your learning catalog online
    • Online courses
    • Create learning plans and curiculum
    • Development plan inclusion
    • Learning certifications
    • Training history
  • Employee Performance Management (EPM)
    • Total Talent Profile (TTP)
    • 360 appraisals
    • Goal sharing
    • Multiple workflows

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Questions Clients Ask:

  • Who uses Deltek Talent?
    • More than 1400 companies of all sizes and industries representing 3 million employees in more than 30 countries and 28 languages depend on Deltek Talent's Unified Talent Management Solution to help find and retain the best talent, while reducing costs and maximizing efficiency.
  • What is integrated with Deltek Vision?
    • At the end of 2015, the first phase of integration will occur with Deltek Vision. Deltek Vision users will be able to open an employee from the data in Deltek Talent.
  • What if I don't have Deltek Vision?
    • No worries. Deltek Talent is a separate stand-alone product.
  • How much does Deltek Talent cost?
    • Deltek Talent can be purchased as one unified solution or as separate modules. The cost depends on the size of your firm and which modules are needed.
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