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Jon Rogers Has Been Promoted to IT Consultant With Full Sail Partners

Posted by Jennifer Renfroe on October 24, 2022
Having demonstrated a high level of sophisticated knowledge as a Technical Support Team Analyst, Jon is primed to take on new IT troubleshooting and custom solutions’ responsibilities as IT Consultant.Jon Rogers

Full Sail Partners, a Deltek Premier Partner and creator of the Blackbox Connector, is excited to announce the promotion of Jon Rogers to IT Consultant. As a Technical Support Analyst for the custom development team for the last four years, Jon worked directly with clients on the setup of Blackbox Connector software and ensuing troubleshooting efforts. Moreover, he provided technical support on Deltek Vision and Vantagepoint platforms and associated custom solutions.

I truly enjoy the challenge of troubleshooting with clients to dig deep and find solutions for them,” stated Jon Rogers. “As IT Consultant, I will have the opportunity to continue with these efforts even advancing my knowledge to support finding answers to even more client issues.” 

Jon has consistently demonstrated a high level of sophisticated knowledge on the technical aspects of a Deltek deployment and has a passion for helping clients succeed. In this new role as IT Consultant, he will be helping clients with advanced technical aspects of Deltek ERP, including client server technologies, API connectivity and general technology consulting. Clients will be able to leverage Jon’s advanced technical experience and familiarity with custom solutions to achieve greater and more efficient results from their Deltek ERP. 

“Jon has advanced from Technical Support Analyst to IT Consultant in his role officially, but many who have worked with Jon know he has been doing this for a long time, leading troubleshooting efforts, advising on new implementations, and helping craft unique solutions for each client’s unique challenges,” noted Pete Nuffer, Director of Solution Development. “We’re looking forward to seeing him continue to excel at providing quality solutions to our clients.”

For more information, please contact Full Sail Partners’ Marketing and Communications Department or visit the Full Sail Partners’ website at 




Full Sail Partners Has Promoted Amanda McClain to Consultant With the Financial Consulting Team

Posted by Jennifer Renfroe on October 18, 2022


Amanda’s prior experience on the Account Management team as an Implementation Project Manager for financial-related Blackbox integrations has paved the way for her new role as a Consultant
Amanda McClain 1-1

Full Sail Partners, a Deltek Premier Partner and creator of the Blackbox Connector, is happy to announce that Amanda McClain has been promoted to Consultant. Having worked for four years as the Implementation Project Manager overseeing financial-related Blackbox integrations, she has gained an extensive amount of experience in working with clients. Additionally, in this project management role, she served as the personal point of contact for clients to discuss or resolve any issues related to the Blackbox Connectors.


“From my years of experience, I have learned how important it is to listen to clients’ needs in order to build relationships with them,” stated Amanda McClain. “I am looking forward to continuing to build these relationships in this new role as Financial Consultant.”

Amanda has joined the financial consulting team and will be providing training and implementation services for Vantagepoint and Vision to Vantagepoint transition services. In this new role, Amanda will continue to use her experience and background in finance to create a positive client experience while helping them to fully utilize their Deltek Vision and Vantagepoint systems. Clients will benefit from the knowledge she has acquired working with the Blackbox Connector team and overall experience in project management.

“We are very excited to have Amanda join the consulting team. She brings years of experience having worked with both the custom and Blackbox Connector teams,” commented Scott Gailhouse, Senior Principal Consultant and Consulting Team Manager. “We are looking forward to her bringing her skills and positive energy to the consulting practice.”

For more information, please email Full Sail Partners’ Marketing Communications Department. 





Full Sail Partners Has Once Again Been Recognized with a 2022 Excellence in Client Experience Award Silver Level

Posted by Jennifer Renfroe on September 20, 2022

The Excellence in Client Experience, Silver Level Award indicates that Full Sail Partners is rated in the top quartile for performance

Full Sail Partners is pleased to announce that it has won a 2022 Excellence in Client Experience Award (CXA) Silver Level offered by Client Savvy in partnership with The Zweig Group. This recognition is given to those professional services firms which have met the highest criteria of excellence based on real and quantitative client feedback. Receipt of this award for another year once again acknowledges the continued efforts of Full Sail Partners to really listen to its clients by examining continuous feedback and using that feedback to provide exceptional client experiences. 

“Full Sail Partners is again honored to receive a 2022 Excellence in Client Experience Award,” noted Sarah Gonnella, VP of Sales and Marketing. “This Client Experience Award just validates that we truly see our clients as true partners. Our clients are very important to us, and we value their input. We look closely at all of the feedback offered to help improve our processes and offerings.” 

This year, Full Sail Partners’ achievement in client experience will be doubly recognized. First, it was celebrated by the Client Savvy team at the Annual CXps Conference in Raleigh, NC. Moreover, in September, it will be acknowledged again at the Zweig ElevateAEC Conference. Client Savvy is the creator of the Client Feedback Tool which allows professional services firms to determine how they are meeting their clients’ expectations. In addition, The Zweig Group strives to be the leaders in driving performance and purpose for the AEC industry. 

“Full Sail Partners has been an advocate of the feedback process for almost 10 years," stated Ryan Sudyam, Chief Experience Officer with Client Savvy. "It is a pleasure to recognize them for their long-standing dedication to partnering with their clients. This year's winners underscore the power of how feedback can elevate your brand and firm distinction." 

For more information, please contact Full Sail Partners’ Marketing and Communications Department. 







Terri Agnew, CPA is Promoted to Principal Consultant with Full Sail Partners

Posted by Jennifer Renfroe on September 13, 2022


Terri’s extensive knowledge base continues to help clients further leverage their investments in Deltek Vision and Vantagepoint
Terri Agnew 21

Full Sail Partners, a Deltek Premier Partner and creator of the Blackbox Connector, is pleased to announce that Terri Agnew, CPA has been promoted to Principal Consultant. Terri’s extensive industry experience and deep knowledge of both Deltek Vision and Vantagepoint allow her to help professional services firms find the best ways to fully utilize their solutions. She strives to assist clients in implementing best practices to improve business processes and create efficiencies within their systems.

“I am always exploring opportunities to help clients improve their processes,” stated Terri Agnew. “Collaboration is so important to finding the best solutions for clients, and using my experience, I make every effort to come up with ways to ensure clients save time with their systems.”

As Principal Consultant, Terri continues to use her business acumen to evaluate client needs and explore options to enable these professional services firms to increase their bottom line and further maximize their investments in Deltek Vision and Vantagepoint. Having performed dozens of optimization workshops, Terri is able to quickly identify what clients are looking for in order to efficiently accomplish their goals. Furthermore, she encourages client learning so they can continue to navigate their systems appropriately.

“So many of our clients have commented on how knowledgeable and helpful Terri has been with their consulting projects,” noted Scott Seal, VP of Consulting. “With her years of industry experience, her understanding of client needs and her willingness to search out the best ways to fully utilize their systems, Terri is an exceptional asset for our clients.”

For more information, please email Full Sail Partners’ Marketing Communications Department. 






Full Sail Partners Promotes Lindsay Diven, CPSM, to New Role as Blackbox Connector Marketing & Sales Manager

Posted by Jennifer Renfroe on June 17, 2021


Lindsay Diven, CPSM headshot

Full Sail Partners, a Deltek Premier Partner, is pleased to announce the promotion of Lindsay Diven, CPSM, from Senior Deltek CRM Consultant to Blackbox Connector Marketing & Sales Manager. In this new position, she will be managing the marketing and sales efforts for the Blackbox Connectors, which integrates Deltek Vantagepoint and Vision to outside applications including Client Feedback Tool, Concur, Constant Contact, HubSpot, Informer, Mailchimp and other future offerings.

Lindsay has worked for more than fifteen years at architecture and engineering firms, many of which have used Deltek products, building sales and marketing strategies. In her role as a Deltek CRM Consultant for Full Sail Partners, her industry experience allowed her to bring perspective to clients in how to set up their CRM systems to support these strategies. Additionally, in her Deltek CRM Consultant role, she led both the sales and implementations of the Mailchimp and Constant Contact Connectors. Here Lindsay saw the benefits firsthand that clients experienced using these marketing connectors to support their marketing and business development strategies.

“My A&E industry experience enabled me as a consultant to help clients set up their Deltek CRM systems to support their firms’ marketing and business development strategies. With additional sales and implementations of the Mailchimp and Constant Contact Connectors, clients were able to further streamline their marketing and business development processes ensuring their strategies’ success,” stated Lindsay Diven. “Going forward, I am very excited to find ways to support goals at all firm levels using the entirety of the Blackbox Connector offerings.”

In her new role as Blackbox Connector Marketing and Sales Manager, Lindsay will use her extensive professional services industry experience to help firms better understand how the Blackbox Connector can help maintain consistency between systems and streamline firm processes. She will also be working closely with clients and the Full Sail Partners’ team to research Blackbox Connectors that would provide even more solutions for clients. Lindsay continues to stay abreast of trends in the A&E and consulting industries by actively working with organizations like the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) and the Deltek User Groups.

“Lindsay has been a great asset to the Full Sail Partners’ team. Clients have relied on her industry knowledge and her strategic approach to identifying solutions,” stated Sarah Gonnella, VP of Marketing & Sales. “Now as the Blackbox Connector Marketing and Sales Manager, she can offer more ways to help businesses operate efficiently and effectively.”

For more information, please contact Full Sail Partners’ Marketing and Communications Department. 

Amanda Roussel Joins the Full Sail Partners’ CRM Consulting Team

Posted by Jennifer Renfroe on May 11, 2021

Amanda Roussel, CRM Consultant

Full Sail Partners, a Deltek Premier Partner, is excited to announce the promotion of Amanda Roussel to CRM Consultant. In this role, she will work with the marketing and sales teams in professional services firms to strategize on how to centralize, optimize and streamline their Deltek Vantagepoint CRM processes.

Since joining the Full Sail Partners’ marketing team in 2020, she has been focused on assisting clients with the upgrade process from Deltek Vision to Vantagepoint. This experiential knowledge of the upgrade process will allow Amanda to both help more clients and Full Sail Partners continue to meet the growing demand for Vision to Vantagepoint transition services. 

“I have worked with various roles within firms throughout my career and learned to appreciate how firm wide strategies can give firms a competitive advantage. Establishing efficient CRM processes gives firms the tools they need to build and enhance client relationships. To me, business is about how I can help others reach success,” stated Amanda Roussel.

With more than fifteen years of marketing experience in the AEC industry, Amanda is very familiar with the challenges that clients face in their day-to-day business operations. She also understands how these issues can be addressed utilizing both Deltek Vision and Vantagepoint and is aware of the impact CRM has on developing client relationships. She will focus on helping firms learn how to manage their client, pursuit and campaign data to build stronger relationships with their clients.

“Amanda has already become an integral part of our Vantagepoint upgrade and CRM implementation team. Her past Deltek Vantagepoint experience along with her enthusiastic and professional demeanor makes her an ideal consultant,” stated Sarah Gonnella, VP of Marketing & Sales. “We are excited to have another rock star consultant on our team!”

For more information, please email Full Sail Partners’ Marketing Communications Department.

Full Sail Partners Receives 2020 Deltek North America Reseller Partner of the Year Award

Posted by Jennifer Renfroe on April 06, 2021

2020 North America Deltek Reseller Partner Award

Full Sail Partners has been recognized by Deltek as the North America Reseller Partner of the Year for 2020. This accomplishment is especially significant to Full Sail Partners as the past year presented so many unknown challenges for professional services firms. The Full Sail Partners’ distinction has been to always put the best interests of its clients first. During this past year, the Full Sail Partners’ team assisted its clients with overcoming the challenges created by the pandemic and continued its efforts to offer valuable resources, innovative solutions, and expert guidance to its clients, and Deltek has recognized its tremendous efforts.

“2020 has been a year like no other and Deltek’s deep partner network enabled thousands of customers to quickly pivot and strengthen their businesses during these uncertain times,” said Jonathan Eisner, Vice President of Global Partner Sales and Alliances. “It is an honor to recognize the outstanding achievements and innovation of these partners. We look forward to a fantastic and successful 2021 with our Deltek Project Nation partners as we continue to expand this program around the world.”

Over the years, Full Sail Partners has encouraged clients to go to the Cloud with the knowledge that the Cloud offers ultimate accessibility for everyone. Realizing that this was the best option for helping clients under these extraordinary circumstances, Full Sail Partners worked diligently with the help of Deltek to transition firms to the Cloud. As a Deltek Partner, Full Sail Partners was able to provide its clients with concessions needed to help them make the move from on premise to the Cloud ensuring their businesses remained on course.

“There was an unprecedented interest in moving to the Cloud this past year. We were able to move quickly to help our clients gain accessibility for their remote team members with the support of Deltek and flexible pricing options. Our partnership with Deltek ensured that our clients were able to position themselves for success in this time of need,” stated Sarah Gonnella VP of Marketing and Sales.

For more information, please contact Full Sail Partners’ Marketing and Communications Department. 

Tasia Grant, PHR Joins Full Sail Partners as Human Resources Consultant

Posted by Jennifer Renfroe on March 15, 2021

Tasia Grant

Full Sail Partners is excited to welcome Tasia Grant as Human Resources Consultant. In this position, she will help clients reimagine their HR practices to meet the future human capital management (HCM) needs of the professional services industry. Over the past year, many AEC firms have had to examine new ways to respond to the global pandemic and remote working while simultaneously onboarding a new generation into the workplace. As a result, these professional services firms have had to completely readjust to meet changing HR needs to support those changing ideologies. Therefore, to assist in these endeavors, Full Sail Partners has hired Tasia Grant, PHR due to her extensive HR background in the professional services industry.

“In 2020, AEC firms like many other industries had to quickly readjust their HR processes to accommodate for remote workforce needs. Our firm has been working remote for more than two decades and we believe that focusing on employees and human capital management processes should be a huge focus for firms moving forward. Those that don’t make HR a priority at their firm will continue to struggle with finding and keeping great talent,” stated Sarah Gonnella. “Having Tasia on our team, we can now help firms strategize and focus on HR best practices. Tasia has both the experience and knowledge to benefit professional services firms of all sizes when it comes to human capital management.”

Tasia has a considerable background in Human Resources Management incorporating ten years of AEC industry experience, as well as six years of independent HR consulting. To ensure value to clients, Tasia will be providing comprehensive human resources best practice content and consulting services including change management, conflict resolution, talent acquisition and interviewing, onboarding, mentoring and employee relations, performance and development goals, record management, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) management and training/development. Offering such a variety of HCM topics will benefit firms of all sizes and focus areas.

“I am so excited to join Full Sail Partners and use my extensive background in Human Resources to help firms realize their human capital management goals,” stated Tasia Grant. “I have a deep understanding of what professional services firms desire regarding HR practices, and I am looking forward to providing them with valuable information to help elevate the industry.”

Tasia’s diverse HR skillset will be an asset to existing clients who desire consulting and an attractive resource for any new clients interested in improving their HCM processes. As a Human Resources Consultant for Full Sail Partners, Tasia will be the point of contact for firms wishing to explore implementing HR best practices and HCM solutions. She will also be focused on providing blog and HR best practice content to help educate the professional services industry.

For more information, please email Full Sail Partners’ Marketing Communications Department.

2020 Premier Award for Client Satisfaction from PSMJ Resources and Client Savvy Presented to Full Sail Partners

Posted by Jennifer Renfroe on October 19, 2020

2019 Premier Award for Client Satisfaction

Full Sail Partners is excited to announce that it has been chosen again as a recipient of the 2020 Premier Award for Client Satisfaction by PSMJ Resources and Client Savvy, creator of the Client Feedback Tool. This impressive recognition is given to firms in the AEC industry who have gone above and beyond to deliver a truly exceptional client experience. Full Sail Partners is proud of its commitment to provide client-focused technology solutions and services always considering what would work best for each individual firm.

The Premier Award for Client Satisfaction winners are chosen using data from surveys from over 300 firms. Based upon the surveys, firms which really stand out regarding client feedback are given this prestigious distinction. Award recipients are honored at the 2020 PSMJ A/E/C THRIVE – The Growth, Profit, and Performance Summit on October 14-16th which is held live and online this year.

“Full Sail Partners constantly monitors client feedback through the Client Feedback Tool and knows that a positive client experience can create repeat business and loyalty. However, it’s important to ensure the purpose of the feedback is always about the client. The real power of obtaining client feedback is when clients know you will take the suggestions, learn and apply them,” stated Sarah Gonnella, VP of Marketing and Sales. “We are greatly honored to be one of only 25 firms to be recognized with this Premier Award for Client Satisfaction and continue to look at ways we can improve.”

For more than 40 years, PSMJ Resources, Inc. has been recognized as the leading publishing, executive education, and advisory group devoted completely to improving the business performance of A/E/C organizations worldwide.

Client Savvy works with professional services organizations whose success depends on strong client relationships. Their commitment to clients is to help them align their client experience (CX) strategy, implementation, and measurement initiatives with their top strategic priorities.

“Since 2009, Client Savvy has partnered with PSMJ to recognize the professional services firms around the globe that achieve the highest standards of excellence by the metric hardest to achieve: excellence recognized by a firm’s clients. Of the hundreds of firms that participate in this benchmarking each year, only the top 30 are recognized. Full Sail Partners began their journey several years ago and has now been recognized three years in a row. Full Sail Partners sets the bar by asking for more feedback per staff consultant than any firm we’ve encountered,” stated Ryan Suydam, Chief Experience Officer at Client Savvy.

For more information, please contact Full Sail Partners’ Marketing and Communications Department. 

Full Sail Partners Promotes Scott Gailhouse to Principal Consultant to Further Add Value to Client's Deltek Vision Solutions

Posted by Jennifer Renfroe on October 01, 2015

Full Sail Partners, a Deltek and Client Feedback Premier Partner, is honored to announce that Scott Gailhouse has been promoted to Principal Consultant. Scott's extensive industry knowledge and proven consulting acumen will be an asset as professional services firms continue to seek ways to further leverage their investment in Deltek Vision.

As Principal Consultant, Scott will be responsible for process and service development including best practices and implementation protocols. He will also be responsible for overseeing the skill development of Full Sail Partners' consulting staff, the development of quality-driven implementation strategies, client management and implementation compliance.

"I am extremely excited about my new position and my continued growth within Full Sail Partners," said Scott Gailhouse. "I believe that this role will give me the opportunity to enhance our consulting practice and concentrate on how our firm can further add value to our client's knowledge of Deltek Vision. My focus, along with the other consultants will be to continually seek ways to improve our training model to better utilize Vision's capabilities, provide best practice recommendations while boosting productivity."

Scott Gailhouse has been actively involved in the Deltek community for more than 20 years. With a focus on financial solutions and best practices, Scott has leveraged his extensive knowledge of the professional services industry to assist firms with making the move to an ERP.

"It is with great pleasure that we recognize Scott's strong leadership and expertise," said Scott Seal, Full Sail Partners' Vice President of Consulting. "Scott continues to bring in-depth knowledge and experience to the table, working with his clients and colleagues to create innovative solutions to help achieve maximum value out of Deltek Vision."

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