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Bridging Product Excellence with Customer Insight: New Leadership Announced for Informer Advisory Council (IAC)

Posted by Lindsay Diven on October 10, 2023
IAC_Social Post-05In a move highlighting the symbiotic nature of their collaboration, Full Sail Partners and Entrinsik jointly unveil the appointment of Wendy Gustafson, General Manager at Full Sail Partners, and Madhavi W. Chandra, Chief Product Officer at Entrinsik, as co-chairs of the Informer Advisory Council (IAC). This partnership will enable Entrinsik to gain a richer insight into the customer voice and needs through Gustafson's expertise. Simultaneously, Chandra's leadership will facilitate the infusion of Entrinsik's vision and best practice workflows directly into the Council's initiatives.

About the IAC

The IAC is a collaborative platform where a small group of selected customers and partners work closely with Entrinsik to guide the future of the Informer platform. Council members receive exclusive early access to new features and enhancements, enabling them to provide direct feedback and influence the product's development.

Chandra explained, “The IAC was established more than four years ago with a mission to create a mutually beneficial platform between us and our clients. The IAC is an intimate and exclusive community, and we are thrilled to progress to the next stage by appointing an external co-chair to collaborate alongside me. Wendy, who has been a dedicated IAC member for years and possesses comprehensive knowledge of Informer, is the ideal candidate. I am looking forward to working alongside her!”

Driving Competitive Advantage Through Early Access

The collaborative leadership in the IAC, uniting Full Sail Partners and Entrinsik, represents a landmark progression not only for project-based businesses and professional services firms but for the entire Entrinsik customer base. By blending the product voice of Entrinsik with the customer voice of Full Sail Partners, we are creating a synergistic avenue for product enhancement. 

Gustafson’s co-chair position epitomizes this synergy, allowing Full Sail Partners to mold the direction and capabilities of Entrinsik's Informer platform in alignment with the broader needs of all stakeholders. This partnership offers clients—across all sectors—the privilege to preview, test, and shape features prior to their widespread launch, granting them an analytical edge in their decision-making processes.

Gustafson remarked, "I am honored to take on the co-chair role for the IAC. This allows for close collaboration with fellow council members to foster strategic relationships and facilitate domain-specific expertise. We aim to complement Entrinsik's ongoing efforts in delivering systems that meet diverse user needs."

Accelerating Client-Driven Innovation

This partnership represents a symbiotic union, leveraging the collective expertise of both Full Sail Partners and Entrinsik. In this relationship, Entrinsik gains unparalleled access to the authentic customer voice through joint leadership, enriching its understanding of user needs and aspirations. Conversely, Full Sail Partners benefits from Entrinsik's vision, absorbing best practices and advanced workflow methodologies that can be integrated into the field via the Council. 

The Informer platform thus evolves at a faster pace, with new client-driven features being informed by real-world feedback. Early access to these features by the IAC members offers a practical advantage: Entrinsik can observe these functionalities in action, refine them based on actual use, and ensure optimal performance and relevance before a wider rollout. In this dynamic ecosystem, every insight, feedback, and innovation contributes to a product that's both technologically advanced and deeply aligned with user requirements.

Tailoring Technology Strategies for Professional Services

The participation in IAC’s activities allows for an in-depth interaction with the new features, ensuring that they are tailored to meet the specific demands of professional services firms. With direct insight to Informer’s development priorities and roadmaps, Full Sail Partners can help clients plan their technology strategies more effectively. This will lead to better integrated systems that not only meet but exceed the diverse requirements of project management, financial reporting, and other critical business processes.

About Full Sail Partners

Connecting thousands of project-based firms, Full Sail Partners identifies critical resources to create fast, efficient, and cohesive companies. As a Deltek Premier Partner and creator of the Blackbox Connector, our team helps professional services firms fully integrate their business processes by connecting their front end and back end systems. We provide technology consulting, business solutions, and application hosting for both Vision and Vantagepoint. Full Sail Partners has received the Deltek Partner of the Year and the Marketing Excellence Award multiple times throughout our firm’s history. Keep Your Business on Course.

For more information, please email Full Sail Partners’ Marketing Communications Department. 

About Entrinsik

Founded in 1984, Entrinsik is a global leader in data analytics and business intelligence solutions. Its flagship product, Informer, empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions by providing self-service data discovery, visualization, and reporting capabilities. Entrinsik serves thousands of clients in various industries, including higher education, manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, and financial services.

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Full Sail Partners to Provide HR Consulting Services to Professional Services Firms

Posted by Lindsay Diven on August 30, 2022

Now providing consulting services that help clients reimagine HR practices to meet present and future human capital management (HCM) needs

Full Sail Partners is pleased to announce the addition of HR consulting services to its offerings. These services will help clients reimagine their HR practices to meet the present and future human capital management (HCM) needs of the professional services industry.

Over the past few years, many architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) firms have had to examine new ways to respond to both the global pandemic and remote working while simultaneously onboarding a new generation into the workplace. As a result, these professional services firms have had to completely readjust to meet changing HR needs in response to changing ideologies. Therefore, in an effort to support its clients with HCM, Full Sail Partners has added HR consulting as a new service offering.

“In 2020, AEC firms like many other industries had to quickly readjust their HR processes to accommodate for remote workforce needs. Our firm has been working remotely for more than two decades and we believe that focusing on employees and human capital management processes should be a core objective for firms moving forward. Those that don’t make HR a priority at their firm will continue to struggle with finding and keeping great talent,” stated Sarah Gonnella, VP of Marketing and Sales. “By providing this dedicated service, we can now help firms strategize and target HR best practices. Our HR consulting team has both the experience and knowledge to benefit professional services firms of all sizes when it comes to human capital management.”

The HR Consulting team is led by Tasia Grant who has a considerable background in human resources management incorporating almost ten years of AEC industry experience, as well as eight years of independent HR consulting. To ensure value to clients, HR consulting services will include change management, conflict resolution, talent acquisition and interviewing, onboarding, mentoring and employee relations, performance and development goals, record management, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) management as well as training/development. Offering such a large variety of HCM topics will benefit professional services firms of all sizes and focus areas.

“I am so excited to use my extensive background in human resources to help firms realize their human capital management goals,” stated Tasia Grant. “I have a deep understanding of what professional services firms desire regarding HR practices, and I am looking forward to providing them with valuable information to help elevate the industry.”

For more information, please email Full Sail Partners’ Marketing Communications Department. 




Full Sail Partners is Chosen Once Again for Accounting Today’s 2022 VAR 100 List

Posted by Lindsay Diven on August 23, 2022

Full Sail Partners is recognized as a top VAR with its focus on addressing client demands with cloud, mergers & acquisitions, and automation.

Full Sail Partners has been recognized once again as one of the top 100 value-added resellers (VARs) for 2022 by Accounting Today. Appearing on the top 100 VAR list for this year means that Accounting Today continues to be confident with firm services and business accounting knowledge incorporating inclusive software. Every year Accounting Today chooses 100 VARs and acknowledges their accomplishments in the accounting software industry. Top VARs are selected from a grouping of firms focused on sales and implementation of accounting and enterprise resources planning (ERP) software. Criteria such as revenue, the number of offices, and staff size are used by Accounting Today to generate the list of top VARs.

Based on Accounting Today’s report, the top VARs for 2022 are driving optimization and automation for their clients. They have seen their clients begin to shift from “survive” mode during the last two years to “thrive” mode with major investments in digital infrastructure to manage the challenges of a historically changed business environment. One of the primary reasons for these automation needs is staffing related due to the lack of people to fill increased service demand.

“We have discovered that firms that didn’t spend the time prior to the pandemic focused on employee retention are now seeing the negative impacts of that choice. We have seen a lot of employee movement within the professional services industry,” noted Sarah Gonnella, VP of Sales and Marketing. “Employees have come to expect flexible, empathetic, and collaborative employers, and those that aren’t are having a harder time keeping employees. The Great Resignation is real.”

Another core reason for automation is the desire to increase efficiency to keep up with market demand. Furthermore, with technological developments for collaboration and communication, firms of all sizes can now develop an international presence. Such global aspirations would require automation solutions that could account for multiple currencies or standards. Additionally, automation is yet another way to address the problem of supply chain disruptions that were quite common during the two core pandemic years creating widespread shortages.

As a continuation of trends from 2020 and 2021, firms wishing to optimize their technology need to be set up for the cloud. Many of the solutions offered to manage the challenges faced by clients in 2022 are increasingly cloud-based. With the cloud, all team members can share and view the same data regardless of location, which is of utmost importance to many firms. Moreover, many clients not only have the sense of urgency to continue to support WFH or hybrid environments, but with a highly active M&A market, firms are trying to accelerate digital transformation as fast as possible to integrate their new acquisitions.

“Many employers are finally realizing there are advantages to a work from home (WFH) or hybrid environment, and the cloud offers this flexibility,” stated Sarah Gonnella. “We are also continuing to see more merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in the architectural and engineering (A/E) industry. There are firms with an aggressive strategic plan of acquiring firms that fit their strategic growth plans. Those software firms that are maintaining relationships within the professional services industry will reap the rewards when employees break off and start their own firms.”

For more information about the 2022 Top 100 VARs, download the ranking here The VAR 100 | Accounting Today.
Accounting Today is a leading provider of online business news for the accounting community, offering breaking news, in-depth features, and a host of resources and services. The VAR 100 list is an annual report developed to rank the top technology resellers in the accounting and ERP spaces.

For more information, please email Full Sail Partners’ Marketing Communications Department. 

Full Sail Partners to Provide Outsourced Accounting Services to Professional Services Firms

Posted by Lindsay Diven on August 09, 2022


New Services to Increase Firms’ Accounting Bench-Strength

Full Sail Partners announces the addition of Outsourced Accounting as a new service offering to its clients. These services take the worry out of having the resources to keep up with bookkeeping and financial reporting for project-based firms. Additionally, these services are provided by accounting specialists knowledgeable in Deltek Vision and Vantagepoint.

“After increased client demand, we added these flexible outsourced accounting services to help our clients either scale up or scale down to their specific goals,” stated Wendy Gustafson, General Manager. “Whether it’s filling in for short- or long-term vacancies or improving accounting practices, we feel that Full Sail Partners is the perfect fit for our clients because of our Deltek Vision/Vantagepoint expertise and understanding of the specific needs of project-based firms.”

As a Deltek Premier Partner, Full Sail Partners can ensure that all outsourced accounting consultants have the appropriate expertise in Vision and Vantagepoint. The services can provide all or as many bookkeeping and financial reporting services as needed including data entry, producing AR, and/or running reports. Clients can customize the services they need to fit their situations including flexible time frames. Moreover, Full Sail Partners utilizes accounting best practices to achieve the greatest efficiency.

The Outsourced Accounting team is being spearheaded by Dale Busbey. She has 30 years of experience in accounting and bookkeeping for both the public and private sectors including professional services firms, consumer companies and government agencies. To provide value to clients, the outsourced accounting services will include entering/maintaining Hub records, verifying, posting and running timesheets and expense reports, transaction entry and reconciliation, billing, reviewing accounts receivable, project budgets, running monthly financial reports, bank reconciliation and managing accounting periods.

“I loved being an account manager and working with my clients. I was consistently asked for this type of service from my clients and feel lucky that now I’m able to provide it for them,” stated Dale Busbey. “I feel that this is a great move for me because I am using my expertise to continue to help them meet their goals. This will allow us to expand our offerings to complement our consulting and implementation services.”

Learn More Orange Button

For more information, please contact Full Sail Partners’ Marketing and Communications Department. 

Full Sail Partners Welcomes James McGee Aboard as Principal Data Solutions Consultant

Posted by Lindsay Diven on July 26, 2022


James McGee-professionalFull Sail Partners, a Deltek Premier Partner, is pleased to announce that James McGee has joined the consulting team as a Principal Data Solutions Consultant. With the overwhelming number of mergers and acquisitions in the A&E industry today, in this role James will focus on data migrations for new firms. He will also provide custom solutions for clients including assistance with stored procedures, workflows, custom reports and invoices.

“I am very excited to share my knowledge and experience with Full Sail Partners’ clients and help them create efficiencies within their Vision or Vantagepoint systems by improving their accounting processes,” stated James McGee.

With an education in both information technology and accounting, James joins Full Sail Partners with many years of experience specifically with Deltek products including Vision and Vantagepoint. He has an extensive background with workflows, SQL stored procedures, custom reports and invoices and has over two decades of experience in programming, reporting, product development and process automation. He has not only worked in the A&E industry for clients as a Senior Database Solutions Architect and IT Director, Applications, but he also served as a Senior Consultant for other users of Deltek products. As a result, James is well prepared to help clients with any variety of data solutions matters.

“James has a proven track record of improving processes and creating efficiencies within the Deltek Vision and Vantagepoint systems. His extensive data migration and custom solutions experience with professional services firms adds additional depth to the Full Sail Partners’ consulting team with a considerable amount of unique expertise. This plethora of knowledge offers fluidity between consultants, custom solutions and clients to ensure they are provided with the correct solution to meet their needs,” said Scott Seal, Vice President of Consulting.

For more information, please contact Full Sail Partners’ Marketing and Communications Department. 

Full Sail Partners is Recognized as the 2021 Winner of the Deltek North America Reseller Partner of the Year

Posted by Lindsay Diven on May 24, 2022

2021 Deltek North American Reseller Partner

Full Sail Partners is pleased to announce that it has been selected once again by Deltek as the North America Reseller Partner of the Year for 2021. Receipt of this award for another year only confirms Full Sail Partners’ distinction of being a leading Deltek Partner providing software and solutions designed specifically for project-based businesses. Our team always strives to exemplify professionalism with a high level of integrity and commitment to our clients to get the most out of their Deltek solutions.

Of utmost importance to Full Sail Partners has always been to ensure our clients feel that they are being listened to and are having their needs understood. Recently, Full Sail Partners has teamed up with Deltek in a joint outreach campaign to assess client needs and offer the best resources especially as many make the move to Deltek Vantagepoint. This collaboration with Deltek gives clients the chance to be heard from both sides and have access to the best resources available to them.

“Our approach at Full Sail Partners when speaking with clients has been to try to understand their needs and how to help them. Our collaboration with Deltek lets clients really feel the love and has been a win-win for both of our teams,” stated Sarah Gonnella, VP of Sales and Marketing. “In the end, we want to be a trusted resource for our clients, one that they can come back to again and again.”

“Full Sail Partners’ expertise of Deltek product offerings, their ability to implement, and deep knowledge and experience in our core architecture, engineering, and professional market segments is what positions them as a leader in business solutions and application hosting said Michael Hines, VP of Global Partners and Alliances at Deltek. “Full Sail Partners’ meticulous attention to detail ensures Customer Satisfaction which is Deltek’s top priority. We are fortunate to have such a strong partner as Full Sail Partners in the Deltek ecosystem.”

For more information, please contact Full Sail Partners’ Marketing and Communications Department


Project-Based Technology Consulting Firm, Full Sail Partners, Celebrates its 10-Year Anniversary

Posted by Lindsay Diven on May 10, 2022

FSP-10 Year Celebration

Project-based technology consulting firm, Full Sail Partners, officially celebrated its 10th anniversary on May 1, 2022. However, since the new year began, the firm has been commemorating this milestone in a variety of fun ways with the most talented consultants in the world of Deltek. Future celebratory plans include hosting a client event at the end of the year at Deltek ProjectCon, Deltek’s annual customer conference.

For the last decade, Full Sail Partners has been a recognized leader in the Deltek professional services ecosystem focused on innovative and client-focused solutions and providing business consulting, technology solutions, system implementations, software training, application hosting and data migration services. Although Full Sail Partners was newly formed in 2012, the firm in other iterations has more than a 20-year history of servicing Deltek clients. In 2014, the four current owners took ownership from its founder, Kevin P. O’Connor. Since then, the number of employees has expanded 131%, and revenue has increased 145% over its 10-year history.

Today, the firm continues to be the recognized technology leader by Deltek, clients, and other technology partners. The firm launched its Blackbox Connector product in 2015 increasing the team’s integration capabilities by being able to connect clients’ front-end and back-end systems. Full Sail Partners has received Deltek’s North America Reseller of the Year award four times and the Marketing Excellence award four times throughout its 10-year history. For the past four years, the firm has also been recognized by Client Savvy and PSMJ Resources for its relentless commitment to cultivating strong customer loyalty and its focus on the customer experience.

Reflecting on 10 years in business, Sarah Gonnella, VP of Marketing and Sales, stated, “Full Sail Partners’ success is attributed to its employees’ deep-rooted collaborative, innovative and forward-thinking approach. In order to accomplish this, it has required a team of leaders that understood clients are happier when employees are happy.” Sarah added, “The significance of this milestone demonstrates that our clients and employees believe the work we do adds value to their lives and companies.”

The other leaders at Full Sail Partners additionally give recognition and praise for the accomplishments of the firm to both its clients and talented staff:

“Over the past decade, the Full Sail Partners’ consulting team has served thousands of clients helping them to gain efficiencies with their Deltek Vision and Vantagepoint systems. Additionally, the Full Sail Partners’ team overall has achieved many amazing accomplishments as we have continued to expand our services and develop solutions to meet the growing needs of our clients. It is truly a pleasure to work with each and every one of our amazing team members,” noted Scott Seal, VP of Consulting.

"It has been a deep honor for me to have had the opportunity to join forces with such amazing people. The amount of teamwork demonstrated by the group has always been our greatest strength. The family at Full Sail Partners has always been fully focused on innovation, while using the best practices, to fully meet the unique needs of our clients," stated Wendy Gustafson, General Manager.

"For the last 10 years, I am so privileged to have been part of a firm where innovation is a mainstay. A firm where we have such incredible talent that enables this innovation to happen. Looking back at what we have accomplished over the last decade is truly outstanding and I'm excited to see what we are able to accomplish in the next 10," stated Wes Renfroe, VP of IT.

As part of the continuing 10-year anniversary celebration, Full Sail Partners will be selling a cookbook filled with recipes from its employees. Each employee that submits a recipe will be nominating a charity of his/her choice. Any funds raised will be then given to the charity that is voted upon by Full Sail Partners’ clients.

For more information, please contact Full Sail Partners’ Marketing and Communications Department


Full Sail Partners and OpenAsset Form Partnership for Optimal Client Experience

Posted by Lindsay Diven on May 05, 2022


The partnership of Full Sail Partners and OpenAsset combines the power of a talented Deltek technology consulting firm with the premier digital asset management software for project-based firms. Full Sail Partners is constantly seeking out ways to leverage the capabilities of Deltek Vision and Vantagepoint for its professional services clients. OpenAsset is the leading project-based digital asset management solution for architecture, engineering, construction (AEC) and real estate firms and has a Deltek integration. Collectively, this partnership helps clients to maintain a single source of truth for firm data and digital assets, improving the proposal process.

Full Sail Partners is a Deltek Premier Partner, and recently was awarded the “North America Partner of the Year” by Deltek. The firm has worked with more than 200 clients to upgrade from Deltek Vision to Vantagepoint. This expertise makes them an industry leader when it comes to knowledge management, specifically as it relates to marketing and proposals.

“We are excited to be partnering with the OpenAsset Team. As firms are looking to transition to Deltek Vantagepoint, they are looking for robust marketing solutions that can integrate with the Deltek product. Their solution will provide our clients with more efficient and effective processes, especially when it comes to managing image libraries and producing proposals faster,” said Sarah Gonnella, VP of Sales and Marketing at Full Sail Partners.

OpenAsset’s project-based technology is designed to support the daily operations with digital asset management tools – and it’s the only solution built specifically for real estate and AEC firms. In the last two decades, it’s helped more than 700 firms around the world better manage image libraries, improve business productivity, and create faster, better-performing proposals. These tools make it easy to visualize and showcase projects, and ultimately, close more sales.

“We are honored to partner with an industry leader like Full Sail Partners. Collectively, we are both focused on unifying the customer experience and helping our clients build a more efficient and effective tech stack. They are the experts when it comes to implementing and supporting Deltek customers and we are looking forward to assisting them in providing the market with a more complete solution,” said Derek Crosen, Director of Technology Partnerships at OpenAsset.

As both firms specialize in serving project-based companies, the service and solution partnership empowers clients to create high-quality RFP responses quickly and easily. Other benefits clients will see from this partnership include leveraging the Deltek Vision/Vantagepoint expertise, leveraging Deltek as a single source of truth for both data and digital assets and integration of key solutions to make proposal production more efficient.

For more information, please contact Full Sail Partners’ Marketing and Communications Department


Full Sail Partners Hires Kim Stamps to Help Elevate Client Relationships

Posted by Lindsay Diven on April 19, 2022

Stamps headshot

Full Sail Partners is pleased to announce that Kim Stamps has joined the business development team as Business Development Representative.

Full Sail Partners, a Deltek Premier Partner and creator of the Blackbox Connector, is excited to introduce Kim Stamps as a business development representative. As our firm continuously strives to provide excellent client service, this new role was created specifically with clients in mind. To increase our firm’s ability to personally connect with our clients and work to encourage ongoing partnerships, there was a need for a business development representative to join the team.

A nurturer by nature, Kim brings more than fifteen years of experience working in the education field including special education. Additionally, she has over ten years of experience in consulting and selling consumer products. With her penchant for listening to and understanding needs, she will be a great asset in connecting with clients to discover how Full Sail Partners can assist with improving their business processes and strategies.

“I am so excited to begin this journey with Full Sail Partners helping clients leverage technology to grow their businesses,” noted Kim Stamps. “In my short time here, I have experienced a team that is very dedicated to its clients. I look forward to being an extension of the account management team.”

As a business development representative, Kim will work with Cate Phillips, relationship manager, as well as support our account management team, to reach out to our clients to determine how we can best serve them to meet their current and long-term needs. Kim will help promote awareness of the plethora of resources available. Overall, her main focus will be to help elevate our client relationships to the next level and help them to understand the value of investing in their Deltek software.

“Nurturing comes second nature to Kim,” stated Cate Phillips, Relationship Manager. “I am confident our clients will appreciate her ability to understand their business goals and help them achieve them.”

For more information, please contact Full Sail Partners’ Marketing and Communications Department


Amy Balassone Promoted to Account Manager with Full Sail Partners

Posted by Lindsay Diven on February 09, 2022

Amy Balassone

Full Sail Partners, a Deltek Premier Partner, is pleased to announce the promotion of Amy Balassone to account manager. Amy joins the sales team to provide account services for Full Sail Partners’ clients throughout the United States. In this position, she works as a liaison between Full Sail Partners and clients to help identify ways to gain more value from their products.

Formerly working exclusively in both marketing and sales, Amy has been with Full Sail Partners for six years. During her tenure, she worked with lead generation, marketing, and our Blackbox Connector sales teams. Through her various positions, Amy has gained an in-depth knowledge of how both the Deltek and Full Sail Partners’ products can help to improve business processes and efficiencies. Now as an account manager, she expands on her role in onboarding new clients and supporting existing clients through cloud conversions and add-on modules and services.

“All of my past experiences with Full Sail Partners have really set me up for success in this new role as an account manager,” stated Amy Balassone. “I am excited to continue to provide client services with a personal touch.”

Full Sail Partners is committed to excellent client service and building partnerships with our clients. As we move further into 2022, we will continue to improve our client management approach to increase engagement with our clients and anticipate their needs. Adding Amy to the account management team demonstrates this commitment to providing attentive and dedicated support to our client base especially as many of them are moving to the Deltek Vantagepoint platform.

“Amy is a very proactive person and being helpful and responsive to clients is something she is passionate about,” noted Joel Slater, Product Sales Manager. “She was promoted to account manager not just because of her past successful client service positions but also because she truly cares about what clients say and need.”

For more information, please contact Full Sail Partners’ Marketing and Communications Department


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