Kelly Duquette

" Technology is constantly changing. At Full Sail Partners, we are committed to helping you embrace change and use Deltek Vision to support your business strategy!"

Professional History

Kelly Duquette is Principal Solutions Consultant providing assistance to professional services firms with business process improvements to their Deltek Vision system. Kelly’s specialties include planning and supporting firms with migrating data during mergers and acquisitions; configuring and training of the Vision Purchasing and Asset Management modules; and building and implementing client solutions within the Vision Advanced Workflow Engine.

With a background in accounting, Kelly has more than 25 years of experience focused around Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system management and implementation. She holds her Master’s Degree in Business Administration and has been both a Deltek Vision user and system administrator. Prior to joining Full Sail Partners, Kelly was Vice President and Director of ERP Systems at a large Engineering/Environmental Consulting Firm, with more than 120 offices across the US and approximately 4,200 employees. With a focus on process improvement throughout her professional career, she has managed several mergers and acquisitions and led several Deltek Vision implementations and business processes initiatives.

Kelly was the leader of the Deltek Vision Large Firm User Group and a member of the Deltek Vision Power User group. She participated in the early adopter program for the Purchasing and Asset Management modules. In November 2016, at the Deltek Insight Conference, Kelly presented on the Critical Roadmap Factors for Mergers and Acquisitions and Getting Started with Deltek Vision's Approval Engine. Additionally, she co-presented with Ed Zanaty on Vision Purchasing - A Project Centric Approach. Kelly has also presented at numerous user group meetings.

Kelly will also be available for vision training, product demonstrations and process improvements. Kelly resides in Maine in the summer and Florida in the winter, providing additional coverage for the east coast clients.


Deltek Vision Accounting | Vision Purchasing | Vision Asset Management | Vision Workflows | Vision Approval Engine | Process Improvements | Project Management | Merger and Acquisition Planning | Data Migration | Microsoft Applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SQL and Access table reporting