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Seamless Integration Between Deltek Vantagepoint and ADP Workforce Now

Posted by Jennifer Wilson on February 02, 2023

02-02-23_ADPWorkforceNow_BannerAs a project management software, Deltek Vantagepoint offers many capabilities for managing projects and teams. One of the most important aspects of managing a project is ensuring that the team is able to work together seamlessly. This is where Deltek Vantagepoint's integration with ADP Workforce Now comes in. 

ADP Workforce Now is a human resources management system that offers a variety of features for managing employee data. By integrating Deltek Vantagepoint with ADP Workforce Now, organizations can take advantage of both systems' capabilities to manage projects and people more effectively. 

From the moment of first hire, you can keep your employee data in sync with the ADP Workforce Now Connector for Deltek Vantagepoint. This allows for a single source of truth with the need for only a one-time data entry occurrence. 

The integration between Deltek Vantagepoint and ADP Workforce Now allows organizations to: 

  • View employee data from both systems in one place 
  • Update employee information in both systems from one central location 
  • Create and manage employee profiles from either system 

One Source of Truth for Core Employee Information 

With this integration, there is one single source of truth for the origin or updates of core employee information. By having one point of entry, duplication of entry and possibility of errors is reduced.   

Because ADP has a self-service portal, employees can update information as they need to in their record, and the Blackbox Connector will pick up the changes on the next scheduled synchronization, which is set based on your business needs.   

If an update to a single employee record is needed sooner than the scheduled synchronization, then that record can be synchronized on demand via a Workflow button within the Employees Hub in Deltek Vantagepoint. 

You Decide What Information Is Mapped Between Systems 

With the initial setup process, you will assist with a mapping exercise that will determine which fields in ADP are mapped to their respective fields within Deltek Vantagepoint. If there is a field within ADP that has a respective field within Vantagepoint then the Blackbox Connector can pick it up. Example standard mappings include: 

  • Workers in ADP are inserted or updated within the Employees Hub in Deltek Vantagepoint. 
  • Degrees in ADP can be mapped to the Degrees/Education grid within Vantagepoint. 
  • Skills in ADP can be mapped to the Skills grid in Vantagepoint. 
  • Licenses in ADP map to the Licenses grid in Vantagepoint. 
  • Emergency contacts are mapped to the Emergency contacts grid in Vantagepoint.   
  • PTO balances can be taken from ADP and mapped into Vantagepoint.  
  • Cash Disbursement GL entries can also be retrieved from ADP and put into Vantagepoint. This process can also automate the upload of payroll data to ADP. 

Easily Adapts as Your Business Adapts 

As your business evolves, no code changes are needed. If you add custom fields or change relationships between ADP columns and Deltek Vantagepoint columns, dynamic mapping is available within the Blackbox Connector. This drag and drop process includes advanced mapping capabilities if they are needed. 

No More Flat Files with This API-Driven Connector 

The Blackbox Connector connects ADP and Deltek Vantagepoint via API. This means that all Employee synchronizations are done electronically, which eliminates the need for flat files and overnight processes. To restrict the impact on your system, only records that are newly created or changed within ADP are brought across during synchronization. Your synchronization can be scheduled multiple times per day. 

The Benefits Are Clear 

The benefits of the Blackbox Connector between ADP Workforce Now and Deltek Vantagepoint are clear: 

  • By having a single source of truth, duplication of entry and errors are reduced.   
  • With the interval based scheduled or on demand synchronizations, you stay up to date with your staff information. 
  • This enterprise grade technology is being offered at reasonable prices and comes with the full support of the Full Sail Partners’ team of Deltek experts. 
  • The Blackbox Connector is also future-proof which alleviates any fear of upgrades or changes. All of that is handled for you.   

The integration between these two systems makes it easy for organizations to manage their projects and teams more effectively. By being able to view and update employee information in one central location, organizations can save time and resources. 

To see the Deltek Vantagepoint Blackbox Connector for ADP Workforce Now in action click the image below. 

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