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Intro to Deltek iAccess for Vision

Posted by Ryan Felkel on May 17, 2017

As a Deltek Vision user, having the ability to access the information in your system from anywhere on any device with an internet connection can change the way you work. Good news! Deltek iAccess for Vision makes this possible. Here’s a short video to give you an introduction and a demonstration of how easy iAccess is to use.


 Deltek iAccess for Vision Timesheets and Expense Reports

Give Your Employees Their Own Personal Assistant with Concur Expense Solution

Posted by Full Sail Partners on August 24, 2016

Concur LogoIf someone were to ask you what do you like least about your job, what would you say? Assuming you like your boss, your environment and co-workers, there is still always a task that you just wish you didn’t have to do. For me, it is my expenses. You would think, getting reimbursed would be motivation in itself. Yes, at some point it absolutely is. It has gotten much easier now that I can take a picture of my receipts and quickly upload through my Deltek Vision Touch application with my phone. However, I still have to fill out the details which takes time. Time I don’t always have. What if I told you it could get even easier? I was then introduced to the Concur expense solution.

I literally was giddy over expenses when I saw what the solution could do. The Concur expense solution automatically imports credit card charges and matches them to receipts and itinerary data. Instead of manually entering your expenses, I can simply take a picture of the receipt and it reads the information and fills out my expenses. Sounds too good to be true, right?

So how can this help Deltek Vision users you might ask? Well, there is an integration being finalized right now. I invite you to view the video below to begin to learn more about the Concur expense solution:

Learn more in the upcoming Concur webinar. This webinar will further show you how Concur expense reports write themselves and we will provide a sneak peek of the upcoming Deltek Vision integration.

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System Connections – Is Your Critical Technology Connected?

Posted by Full Sail Partners on May 26, 2016

Can you name a single business that does not use some form of technology? From our personal lives to our professional lives, technology is engrained in everything we do. Firms are investing in technology at a rate never before seen. Yet, many of these critical system connections are siloed and do not talk to each other. Watch the video below to see how firms are connecting their critical business systems to get more out of their investment and share information between disparate systems


Deltek Vision UDIC: Mail Management Info Center


Deltek Vision How-To Series: Search and Replace Utility

Posted by Sarah Gonnella on February 24, 2016

Deltek Vision Search and ReplaceDid you know you can quickly update data in seconds with Deltek Vision’s Search & Replace feature? The search and replace utility makes it possible for you to update fields globally for multiple records. Some examples of using the search and replace utility might be:

  • Making project records dormant on all levels
  • Inactivating contacts that have bounced emails 
  • Moving data from one field to another

The possibilities are endless and great for data clean-up. Be sure to check out our video demonstrating an example of using the Search and Replace Utility in Deltek Vision.

Deltek Vision How-To Series: List View

Posted by Sarah Gonnella on December 09, 2015

03_List_View.jpgDid you know in Deltek Vision you can view multiple records at one time through a list view? The list view was a featured added in version 7 allowing you the ability to group, filter, organize and quickly export a list. The List View is listed at the top of any Info Center’s top navigation allowing you to view multiple records.

Be sure to check out our video demonstrating all of the features of Deltek Vision's List View.



3 Ways Deltek Touch CRM Gives Your Firm a Strategic Advantage

Posted by Full Sail Partners on September 02, 2015

Touch CRM LogoWith Deltek Touch CRM for Vision, Deltek Vision CRM customers have access to the critical business information they need, through their iOS or Android devices — anywhere, anytime! See how Touch CRM gives your firm the strategic advantage to do more.

Deltek Touch CRM: 3 Strategic Advantages

1) Access to Crucial Information While On-The-Go

Deltek Touch CRM provides out of office employees with immediate access to important information such as account history, contact information and much more!

Just a few short years ago, being away from the office meant being completely blocked out from your company’s competitive intelligence. Not anymore! With Deltek Touch CRM your employees have full access to your Deltek Vision CRM system from their mobile device. Boost your road-warrior’s productivity by providing them with the tools needed to keep in touch with a higher number of prospects

2) Collect Information at the Source

Deltek Touch CRM is designed to help your employees gather information at the source. Improve data accuracy by giving your out-of-office team the ability to instantly update Vision data from a mobile device, anywhere in the world!

3) Improve Company Insight

Deltek Touch CRM allows all of your employees access to the most up-to-date real-time information. Have you ever reached out to a customer, only to find out that one of your co-workers had already spoken with them the day before? This situation is not only embarrassing, but it makes your entire organization appear inept. Reduce the amount of information lag in your organization by enabling mobile CRM.

Instead of waiting for weekly, monthly or quarterly reports, decision makers can access on-demand information and address any problems before they arise.

Mobile CRM is No Longer Optional

You already take your smart phone everywhere, so why not take your Vision data with you? Today’s market place is a dog-eat-dog world, and you need every competitive advantage you can get. See how your firm can start doing more with Deltek Touch CRM:


Take the Virtual Tour: Deltek Touch Time and Expense Application

Posted by Full Sail Partners on July 22, 2015

deltek touch appDeltek Touch Time and Expense for Vision provides flexibility for employees to easily capture, track and manage expense reports on-the-go. A Recent Aberdeen Group study shows the following research concerning mobile-enabled expense programs:

  • Visibility is a prime concern for the majority of organizations in regards to travel and expense management.
  • Mobile applications and technology are considered a ‘link to the future’ and will help business travelers and executives enact key expense management processes via smartphones or tablet devices.
  • Analytics is a prime means of enhancing travel and expense management visibility, gaining intelligence into the ROI of business.

Deltek Touch Time and Expense for Vision enables your firm to operate as a Best-in-Class organization and operate at the forefront of the industry. Enabling mobile expense reporting in your organization will allow users to: 

  • Document transaction data at the time the expense is incurred
  • Quickly add cash expenses (such as tips) to an expense report
  • Capture receipt images with a smart phone’s camera
  • Provide historical back-up data on-demand, in real time

Watch the below video and take a tour of Deltek Touch Time and Expense. See how quick and easy creating expense reports on the go should be. Never miss another expense again by shedding the old restrictions of a desk and going mobile with your expense reports! 

Deltek Touch Time and Expense: Confessions of a Serial Conference Attendee

Posted by Full Sail Partners on April 15, 2015

deltek touch time and expense appAs a virtual employee I often have a computer within arm’s reach. The need to access Deltek Vision on a mobile device has largely been non-existent for my work situation. However, recently I attended back-to-back conferences and I quickly found myself behind on my timesheets and desperately needing to submit an expense report. So one afternoon, as traffic died down while manning a tradeshow booth, I decided to install the Deltek Touch Time and Expense app on my phone.

The following blog outlines my thoughts and experiences using the app!

Deltek Touch Time and Expense:  What’s All the Buzz About?

This app is really easy to use! No seriously, it is. The clean smooth detailed design of the user experience shines through immediately. I quickly found myself navigating the menus and feeling a sense of insight regarding where I stood on past, present, and current timesheets and expense reports.

Expense reports have never been less of a hassle. I typically experience a lot of anxiety when it comes to doing expense reports. The idea of managing multiple, high value, expenses can be stressful to say the least. For me, Deltek’s Touch Time and Expense app took the stress out. I was able to quickly take a photo of my receipts with my smart phone, attach them to my expense report in Touch T&E, and voila – expense complete!

After long stints out of the office timesheets are no longer something I dread. Nothing sucks worse than being out of the office for days at a time. Oh wait – you know what sucks more? Trying to figure out how to bill all that time that you spent out of the office!

Managing my time on-site at these conferences with Deltek Touch Time and Expense could not have been easier. During down times I found myself quickly plugging my time in to Vision from my mobile device. No more sticky notes or emails to myself with logs of my time. This process was so easy that I now find myself using the application to log my day-to- day time after work while watching TV with my wife.

Like any application on a mobile device, Wi-Fi helps! The conference I was at had so many people using their phones that the 4G networks were basically useless. I quickly found a Wi-Fi hotspot and connected up and noticed a considerable increase in performance. Stay aware of the environment you are in and the technology you have available and make the most out of it!

This Deltek Touch Time and Expense App is Pretty Cool!

Overall I was extremely impressed with this application. The ability to instantly access my timesheets and expense reports on a mobile device was a life saver!  I’d encourage you to try the app out for yourself and let me know what you think.

Ready to start using the app? Watch this Deltek Touch Time and Expense Application tutorial and start doing more with your Vision system from a mobile device:

Have a cool story about how Deltek Touch Time and Expense has saved you time or frustrations? Respond to this blog and share your stories!

Deltek Touch Time and Expense

What is a Workflow: Automate Your Deltek Vision System

Posted by Wendy Gustafson on July 30, 2013

deltek visionHere we are ½ way through the year, and yet my ‘to-do’ list has kept growing.  In today’s economy we have all been asked to do more with less help.  This often requires us to take on more responsibility and daily tasks - which causes us more stress, longer hours and greater chances to ‘mess up’ -  so to speak.

What to do? What to do?  Through workflows, Deltek Vision offers us an opportunity to automate many of the repetitive tasks we have to do every day – that quite often fall through the cracks of our busy, busy days (and hopefully not too many nights).

What is a workflow? 

You might ask, what is a workflow? Workflows are actions that your Deltek Vision system will carry out for you based on events that occur within specific Info Centers.  An example of this is sending an email to an employee when their name is added as the Project Manager on a project.

Can I do this?

In many cases you can do a lot of the automation on your own.   Deltek's intuitive design allows “non-programmers” to create workflows and actions for many repetitive task. 

To do this, you will need to know a couple of things.  First – where are workflows found?  They are found in Configuration --> Workflows (guess that wasn’t too hard).

Next you need to understand the different options under workflows. Watch this highlight video to better understand the options under workflows, and the actions that can be performed: 


So you see that using the standard workflows in Vision can help you with many repetitive tasks that are triggered from actions taken within Vision.  Making these automated will free you and your staff up to pursue more productive workdays and more fun nights.

But wait you say, how do I actually set up these workflows? That's a great question!  If you still are asking, what is a workflow, watch the full length video on Workflows and Stored Procedures. Learn how to set up workflows in your Deltek Vision system today! 


What is a Workflow



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