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Hot Service Offerings for Deltek Users in 2017

Posted by Amy Balassone on December 20, 2017

Deltek Logo2017 was a banner year for Deltek users with so many amazing new service offerings coming available. Each of these solutions was designed with users in mind to create a more streamlined business operation. From improved user interfaces to near instantaneous data transfers, Deltek users now have an array of options to get their work done faster and more efficiently.

Let’s take a look at these hot service offerings from 2017.

Deltek for Professional Services

Deltek for Professional Services (DPS) is the newest cloud-based professional services automation (PSA) enterprise software solution designed by Deltek and launched this year. DPS is based on Vision with an improved user interface like that of iAccess for Vision. Deltek for Professional Services integrates and automates your firm’s business processes allowing better control over your business and your projects. Designed to meet the needs of the A&E industry, DPS manages the project throughout the entire lifecycle including business development, project management, resource management, collaboration and financial management.

Deltek Talent

Deltek Talent helps businesses maximize their strongest and most distinctive resource, their people. It simplifies the entire employee lifecycle, enabling companies to seamlessly recruit, on–board, develop, compensate, and track their employees. Maximizing your Talent with Deltek Talent allows you to keep skills and competencies at the forefront of your strategy providing the competitive edge you need to stay ahead in the ongoing war for talent.  

Deltek Project Information Management

Deltek Project Information Management (PIM) provides project management and collaboration tools designed to help employees access critical project information to stay connected throughout the entire project lifecycle. With PIM you will avoid lost files and duplicate information saving hours of manpower. You can see all versions of the project documents, tag documents across multiple related locations, and review new designs and drawings instantly. Organized files across all aspects of business in one centralized location provides companies the intelligence to more effectively run their business.

Blackbox Connector

The Blackbox Connector is a no-code, low cost connector offering an interface between Deltek Vision and other third party business applications. With the Blackbox Connector, you will significantly reduce integration time and duplicate efforts in the entry and maintenance of data. The Blackbox Connector provides easy to implement solutions focused on connecting your Deltek Vision system to Concur, Client Feedback Tool, Constant Contact and Mail Chimp. Connectors for both HubSpot and Informer will be released soon. The Blackbox Connector eliminates data silos by providing a better and more formidable way to connect to Deltek Vision.

Do More with Deltek in 2018

Whether your firm is looking for ways to retain top talent or help to expedite completing expense reports, there is a solution for you. Are you ready to take advantage of these time saving services?

Reach Full Sail!

Deltek Releases New Support Center

Posted by Amy Balassone on October 11, 2017

Deltek rolled out its new customer support center on Monday, October 9th, 2017. The support center has been improved allowing users to learn, connect and more effectively manage their experiences. Entering the Deltek Support Center after October 9th, you now see a message that looks like this:

Deltek Support Center Welcome ScreenDeltek Support Center Welcome Screen

New Login Feature

There is a new login feature when using the enhanced support center. You will still navigate to the same URL that you previously used. Prior to the new help center, you would have seen a login button and an account assistance button. However, you will notice that, where the account assistance button used to be, it now says “Need Help?”

Deltek Support Center Login Screen
Deltek Support Center Login Screen

When you click on “Need Help?,” you now have the option to chat with someone. This feature offers the real-time ability to speak with a Deltek professional who can assist you. To access the chat, you will need to enter your email address and then click “Start a Chat.”

Deltek Support Center Login Assistance Screen
Deltek Support Center Login Assistance Screen

To get back to the login page from this page, you will need to click the silhouette Silhouette.png in the top right corner. This will enable you to log into the support center.

Stay Up to Date with Notifications

After logging in, you will receive the critical info pop-up announcing the new site. When you close this pop-up, or if you are logging in after the alert has been removed, you will immediately be presented with a list of notifications.

Deltek Support Center Notifications Popup
Deltek Support Center Notifications Popup

Key highlights of the notifications popup include:

  • The notifications are equivalent to the old alerts and announcements section
  • You can hide the notifications popup if you do not wish for it to popup every time you open the support center
  • Global notifications are color coded: high (red), med (yellow) and low (green)
  • You will only see alerts for the products that you own
  • You can click on the number in the orange square at the top of the screen which indicates how many notifications there are if you choose to hide the notifications

Manage Your Deltek Support Center Account

In the upper right, you will see the gear icon. This icon allows you to open the “My Account” section. This is where you update your profile settings, and you can also see the current support plan you have.

Deltek Support Center Account Management Screen
Deltek Support Center Account Management Screen

The account management section allows you to change the following:

  • Password
  • Preferred language
  • If you want or do not want to see notifications

Get Support for Your Deltek Products

The search bar offers you the ability to look for forums, posts and knowledge based articles using specific words or phrases. Everyone will see the learn and connect information boxes, and if you are an administrator, there will be an additional box that will be available. Below the information boxes are “Trending Topics,” which show the top ten articles for the products that you own for the last thirty days. You will only see the topics in this list that relate to the products that you own.

Deltek Support Center Main PageDeltek Support Center Main Page

Depending on the level of support you have, you will possibly see up to six icons. The icons you view are driven by permissions. If you can’t find the answer, submit a case. Deltek will then research your inquiry. Availability, however, depends on the type of service plan you have purchased. Here are the options you will see depending on your license agreements:

  • Cloud Solutions- You will see this is if you own a Saas product. When clicking this icon, you will be able to choose the cloud solution you are needing help with. This will open a wide range of help topics specific to your needs.
  • Initiate a Chat- This icon allows you to enter a chat with Deltek staff. Be sure to check the bottom of the chat page for specific hours of availability.
  • Product Downloads- The Deltek Software Manager (DSM) is your central place to download all the Deltek products you own, including all service packs and hot fixes.
  • Manage Cases- Here you can check the status, view details, and update your support cases. Previously called, “My Support Cases.”
  • Purchase On-Demand - Deltek's “On-Demand Support” is available for situations that require brief, one-time access to our support experts for situations that are not covered by your annual maintenance fee.

If you have less than three icons available, they will not show. You can still access the available options by going to the upper left-hand corner of the screen and utilizing the menu to navigate to your desired destination.

Enjoy the New Deltek Support Center

As you can see, the new customer service center is not only user friendly, but it eliminates information that does not pertain to you. The updated service center’s ultimate goal is to help you continue to get the most out of your Deltek product. Click here for more information about the Deltek Support Center.

Deltek Customer Care

Mixing Business with Fun at Deltek Insight 2017

Posted by Amy Balassone on September 06, 2017

Deltek Insight 2017 Celebrating 10 YearsDeltek Insight 2017 is fast approaching­! Have you made your plans to go? This year it will be in Nashville, Tennessee from October 23rd to 26th at the Gaylord Opryland Resort. If you aren’t yet convinced of why you should attend Deltek Insight, here’s a look at some reasons to make it worth your while.

Sessions With Deltek Vision Experts

Deltek Vision can do more than most can even imagine. At Insight, there are numerous breakout sessions with Vision experts where you can learn tips and tricks that would otherwise remain undiscovered. Sessions are provided for Deltek Vision users of all skill levels from the novice to the expert Vision user. Sessions offer continuing education, provided by Vision experts, geared to increase your knowledge and ability to utilize Vision successfully.

Full Sail Partners will have several of its own experts on-site leading sessions. Rana Blair will demonstrate capabilities available to on-the-go project managers by displaying how iAccess can help more effectively monitor projects. If concerned with the challenge of recruiting top talent, you can join Sarah Gonnella as she shows how you can improve your HR effectiveness by deploying marketing tactics. Check out the whole list of Full Sail Partners’ led sessions here.

Network With Other Deltek Vision Users

Insight is the largest gathering of Deltek users. Attending Insight you will have many opportunities to network with Vision users from around the world. You will be able to talk with others in your industry about common user issues. In these pleasant interactions, you may be given answers to problems you have encountered, or you may be able to provide feedback that you acquired in using Vision.

Mixing Business With Fun

Deltek Insight begins with a huge welcome reception giving attendees the ability to mingle while learning more about the planned events for Insight 2017. Attendees will enjoy delectable hors d’oeuvres provided by Deltek. The welcome reception is a great time for you to stop by our booth and see what we are doing to improve our customer experiences and help you get the most out of Vision.

Insight 2017 also marks its 10th anniversary. At the Celebrate Insight event on the last night of the conference, LoCash will take the stage at the Grand Ole Opry. Attendees are never disappointed with the way that Deltek closes the action-packed week of networking and education. Between the food/dessert buffets and entertainment, this Insight event is sure to please.

Register Now for Deltek Insight 2017

It should be pretty obvious now that Deltek Insight provides great benefit to you and your firm. From the networking to the learning experiences to the fun, it is worth the effort to attend.

 Deltek Insight 2017

Key Performance Indicators vs Benchmarking

Posted by Amy Balassone on August 30, 2017

KPIs vs Benchmarks How does your company measure up to the competition? Are you performing above the industry standards or below? Are you achieving the objectives necessary to continue to grow and operate successfully? In order to answer these questions, management must have a way to track performance. Evaluating the progress of individuals, projects, and specific departments is important, but management also needs an in depth look at the company as a whole.

The two most popular methods for measuring performance are Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Benchmarks. Both KPIs and Benchmarking are used to motivate employees by giving them measurable targets to meet. By meeting these targets, the employees help to increase the overall performance of the company. So, if they are both used to measure performance, what’s the distinction?

Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators are measures of how well a company, individual, business unit, or project is performing compared to specific strategic objectives or goals set by the company. KPIs that are well constructed provide direction leading to a clear understanding and awareness of current performance. KPIs often differ from company to company or department to department within a company based on the goals of the specific company or particular department.

A company’s desire to measure the indicators often dictates the KPIs put into practice. When developing a KPI, how that KPI relates to a specific business objective needs to be considered. Here are a few examples of KPIs that you may use for your business:

  • Staff Retention
  • New Customer Acquisition
  • Timeliness of Projects
  • Financial Growth

Planning is key when dealing with KPIs for measurement. It is important that they are significant, understandable and current. Using customized KPIs will provide great insight into your business.

Benchmark Indicators

Benchmarking compares other organizations in your industry to your own organization. Benchmarks are often measured by studying the results of other company operations that have best practices put in place to achieve exceptional results. The goal of benchmarking is to improve your processes to strengthen company performance, enhance customer satisfaction and increase revenue.

Performance benchmarking and strategic benchmarking are commonly used by firms. Performance benchmarking generally compares products and services with target companies in your industry allowing your firm to measure your economic position. Whereas strategic benchmarking involves observing and evaluating how other companies compete (which may include those outside of industry).

There is a significant amount of benchmarking data already gathered and available for companies to allow them to measure themselves against industry peers. The Deltek AE Clarity report, for example, is done annually. Sometimes there is a fee associated with acquiring benchmarking data, but it is easily recouped by the savings of resources and time in not having to do your own research.

Benefit from Key Performance Indicators and Benchmarks

Both of these methods allow management to identify areas where the company excels as well as areas that need improvement. However, to benefit from using KPIs and Benchmarks, a company needs to be willing to set objectives, make changes and follow through. Keep in mind, it is vital for company growth and success that those objectives are set both based upon internal history as well as industry standard criterion.

Deltek Vision Performance Management

Know More with the 38th Annual Deltek A/E Clarity Report

Posted by Amy Balassone on July 12, 2017

38th Annual Deltek AE Clarity ReportThe long-awaited 38th annual Deltek A/E Clarity report is now available! For those of you who are unaware, each year Deltek performs a detailed Architecture & Engineering Industry study. It is the lengthiest and most thorough study in the industry. Using the A/E Clarity report results, Deltek is able to offer firms unique insights into the AEC industry.

More than 550 firms across the United States and Canada participated in this year’s study. About 25% of participants were from architecture firms, nearly 60% from engineering firms, and the final 15% represented all others. The size of participating firms ranged from small firms with 0-50 employees to large firms with 251 employees or more.

Key Findings in the 38th Annual Deltek A/E Clarity Report 

The Deltek A/E Clarity report is full of data that allows you to compare your company’s statistics to others in the industry. Information included in the report is comprised of data collected from 2016. Here is a quick preview of some of the statistics you might find interesting:

Financial Management

  • Overall, firms’ financial metrics were flat to slightly up
  • Operating Profit on Net Revenue at 13%
  • Utilization at 60%
  • Overhead Rate is down 154%

Business Development

  • Firms putting a greater focus on client relationships
  • Nearly 6 in 10 firms cite finding time to nurture client relationships among top challenges
  • Win Rate dropped 4.8% this year to 40.2%
  • Net revenue growth forecast bumped up to 5.3% this year

Project Management

  • Firms investing more in project managers
  • 73% of projects are currently on or under budget, up from last year
  • Firms with very mature project management tripled to 19%, up from just 6% last year
  • Top 3 PM KPIs tracked – profitability (95%), average collection period (81%) and multipliers (69%)

Talent Management

  • Firms are reevaluating HR technologies to streamline workflows and automate processes
  • Staff growth increased to 6.9% this year
  • Employee turnover is down 2.3%
  • Nearly 8 in 10 firms ranked talent acquisition in top 3 most expensive HR processes

Future Outlook from the 38th Annual Deltek A/E Clarity Report

Although this year’s report shows that firms continue to remain solid financially, they must continue to focus on project management procedures so that projects are kept on time and on budget while meeting the expectations of their clients. With business development, firms must be constantly looking ahead at where their next projects will come from, what they look like, and how they will be achieved. Additionally, firms must continue to advance their efforts in talent management to find, hire and retain the best of the best.

Benchmark Your Firm with the Deltek A/E Clarity Report 

Using the A/E Clarity Report results, you can now compare your firm’s data, not only to your firm’s previous year, but also to the data of hundreds of other firms in the same field. This report offers significant insights to help you visualize where your firm is today and assist you in developing goals and a plan for the future. For an in-depth view of everything included in the Deltek A/E Clarity report, download your copy today. 

38th Deltek AE Clarity Report

Deltek Vision Purchasing

Posted by Amy Balassone on June 14, 2017

Vision PurchasingWith built-in approvals and workflows, the Purchasing module in Deltek Vision safeguards against inaccurate or inefficient purchases in a paperless environment. Whether simple or complex, a company’s entire requisition, purchasing and receiving cycle can be run by Deltek Vision Purchasing while maintaining complete integration with the Financial Accounting, Project Management, and Resource Planning Vision modules. Thanks to the built-in workflows and approval processes, all purchases are accurately tracked using the Purchasing module.

See What Deltek Vision Purchasing Can Do for You

Here are some key features of the Deltek Vision Purchasing module:

  • Security - Employee access is defined by management controls limiting access to each requisition stage during the purchase cycle and allowing the company to maintain a secure purchasing environment
  • Inventory Insight - Cost by location and inventory on hand can be tracked and cost automatically assigned to the projects
  • Approvals - Automatic notifications from Vision sent to authorized employees when a purchase request is submitted making the approval process quick and streamlined
  • Integration - Inventory information can be shared with other Deltek Vision modules, such as project control, ledger, and financial reporting, resulting in improved data accuracy of projects, accounting, planning and budgeting
  • Currency Management - Vision Purchasing can also make use of the Vision Multi-Currency module allowing all purchasing activities to be conducted in multiple global currencies

Gain Control of Your Purchasing Process

Manage the complete purchasing cycle online in a paperless environment offering browser-based requisitions, purchase orders, RFQs and receiving. Highlights include:

  • Quickly generated price quotes and requisitions
  • Numerous purchasing-related reports
  • Support for standard, blanket and service purchase orders and tracking change orders
  • Purchase orders created from quotes or requisitions or those previously entered
  • Automated requisitioning, including employee-created requisitions and online approvals
  • A complete receiving function, including support for partial receipts and backorders

The Advantages of Using Deltek Vision Purchasing

The Purchasing module of Deltek Vision allows project-based firms to manage the purchasing cycle, from RFQs to receiving and voucher entry. This paperless purchasing environment is secure due to the management defined user access and is easily maintained. Full integration with other Vision modules such as Accounting, Project Reporting, Billing, and Project Planning provides data consistency and communication throughout all parts of Vision. Finally, accurate purchasing reports are guaranteed using Deltek Vision Purchasing.

Vision Purchasing Webinar

Full Sail Partners Recognized as a 2016 Premier Partner

Posted by Amy Balassone on April 11, 2016

Deltek_Premier_Partner_Black-1.pngFull Sail Partners Named as a Deltek Business Partner – Focused on Extending the Deltek Vision Product to Support Future Growth.

Full Sail Partners has been recognized by Deltek as member of the Million Dollar Club and a Premier Partner for 2016.  As a Premier Partner, Full Sail Partners is not only required to meet and maintain a number of standards for sales and marketing goals, but also provides implementation, consulting, support and customization services for project-focused Professional Services organizations. 

Deltek is the leading global provider of enterprise software and information solutions for government contractors, professional services firms and other project- and people-based businesses. Deltek Vision is a leading enterprise software solution designed for project-based professional services firms to improve business performance, streamline operations and win new business. Deltek Vision uniquely integrates end-to-end business processes by automating the marketing, financial management, planning, tracking and administration of resources and projects.

“We are proud to represent Deltek products,” said Sarah Gonnella, VP of Marketing and Sales from Full Sail Partners. “We believe this year will be even more successful with the release of our BlackBox Connectors, focused on connecting Deltek Vision to the outside world. This new connection tool allows firms to extend Deltek Vision’s already robust ERP solution, to maximize our client’s investment.”

In 2016 Full Sail Partners will continue to partner with Deltek to help businesses integrate their process in to one singular system, better understand and retain current customers, increase market share, and differentiate through targeted relevant and consistent conversations across systems and channels.

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