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Bid / No Bid – When to Decide During the Proposal Process

Posted by Full Sail Partners on February 15, 2017

Deltek Kona, Deltek Vision, Win ProjectsIn today’s day and age of fast changing technology, firms must stay abreast of all available solutions to better compete with competition, and win work. Since the ‘great recession’ of 2009, competition on winning work has increased exponentially. Successful firms have combated this increased competition by staying current with technology, and using well thought out techniques to win projects. Included below are five tips that will help your firm better impress clients, and ultimately win more work.

  1. Collaboratively share information with your project team. When responding to a client request / RFP, sharing data can become a cumbersome task in itself when working with remote teaming partners or staff. Often, the ability to seamlessly coordinate tasks/assignments, or share large files amongst your team can be the difference in winning or losing the work. To avoid these types of hiccups, leverage collaborative sharing tools such as Deltek Kona to keep your project team on the same page. Deltek Kona allows users to share files, and schedule important dates, seamlessly as though the users were all working in the same centralized office. You will be amazed at how Kona will empower your project team!
  2. Hasten your proposals process through the use of templates. Unfortunately, many times firms will find out a about a project that they are a perfect fit for days before the due date. These time restrictions can ensnare the proposal process and make it difficult to respond sufficiently. Empower your marketing/business development department by creating templates that will allow you to export your information from Deltek Vision CRM to Microsoft Word or InDesign. This will allow you to streamline the proposal process, and concentrate on the areas of the proposal that require custom attention.
  3. Avoid boring old PowerPoint presentation. Many firms make it to the short-list process only to utterly disappoint the client through the use of a boring, stale PowerPoint presentation. If you are unable to separate yourself from your competition, you are not doing your best to win projects. PowerPoint has been around since the late 1990’s, and sadly a large majority of presentations look like they came out of that same era. By using presentation software such as Prezi or PreZentit, your firm can immediately stand apart from your competition. With that said, don’t forget the importance of impressing the client by being personable and demonstrating your understanding the project. Overly relying on the use of presentation software is one of the quickest ways to lose a client’s attention.
  4. Use a CRM solution to track relationships. We have all heard the saying, “It’s not what you know, but who you know!” This begs the question; does your firm know who it knows? If you are not tracking your relationships through CRM software such as Deltek Vision, then you are simply throwing darts at a board, blindfolded. A CRM solution will allow you to track who you know, recent conversations, and other important relationship data such as birthdays or anniversaries. This type of knowledge insight is important for creating meaningful relationships between your company, and your clients.
  5. Optimize information for smart devices. If you own a smart device, and you have not optimized your marketing contact the device, you are not working smart! You never know when, or where, you might bump in to a perspective client. If you are unable to demonstrate your firms expertise at the drop of a hat, expect to lose out on a lot of potential work. Your firms website should be optimized for smart devices (iPhones, Androids, Tablets, Everything!) allowing you to be ready to show off how great your firm is, at a moment’s notice! In addition to optimizing your website for these smart devices, take the initiative to pre-load content on to your smart phone, in case you are unable to get internet service! By doing this, you will not only impress the client with all of your great works, but you will also demonstrate your ability to think ahead and be ready for the unexpected.

    If your firm is utilizing Deltek Vision CRM, make sure to check out Vision Unleashed. Vision Unleashed will allow you to access your full Vision system on teh go, from a mobile device. It also allows MAC users to access Vision without the need for running parallels or bootcamp. This allows MAC users to utilize their workstation to it maximum potential without dedicating resources to addition process just to access Vision!

I hope you learned something from this blog. Some of these technologies or techniques might seem obvious, but unfortunately many times it’s the obvious omissions that cause us to lose out on winning new work. If you use any of the concepts highlighted in this blog, make sure to comment below and let us know. We love to hear success stories!

Once you win your next project, make sure to review these project management concepts.

Give Your Employees Their Own Personal Assistant with Concur Expense Solution

Posted by Full Sail Partners on August 24, 2016

Concur LogoIf someone were to ask you what do you like least about your job, what would you say? Assuming you like your boss, your environment and co-workers, there is still always a task that you just wish you didn’t have to do. For me, it is my expenses. You would think, getting reimbursed would be motivation in itself. Yes, at some point it absolutely is. It has gotten much easier now that I can take a picture of my receipts and quickly upload through my Deltek Vision Touch application with my phone. However, I still have to fill out the details which takes time. Time I don’t always have. What if I told you it could get even easier? I was then introduced to the Concur expense solution.

I literally was giddy over expenses when I saw what the solution could do. The Concur expense solution automatically imports credit card charges and matches them to receipts and itinerary data. Instead of manually entering your expenses, I can simply take a picture of the receipt and it reads the information and fills out my expenses. Sounds too good to be true, right?

So how can this help Deltek Vision users you might ask? Well, there is an integration being finalized right now. I invite you to view the video below to begin to learn more about the Concur expense solution:

Learn more in the upcoming Concur webinar. This webinar will further show you how Concur expense reports write themselves and we will provide a sneak peek of the upcoming Deltek Vision integration.

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3 Ways Deltek Touch CRM Gives Your Firm a Strategic Advantage

Posted by Full Sail Partners on September 02, 2015

Touch CRM LogoWith Deltek Touch CRM for Vision, Deltek Vision CRM customers have access to the critical business information they need, through their iOS or Android devices — anywhere, anytime! See how Touch CRM gives your firm the strategic advantage to do more.

Deltek Touch CRM: 3 Strategic Advantages

1) Access to Crucial Information While On-The-Go

Deltek Touch CRM provides out of office employees with immediate access to important information such as account history, contact information and much more!

Just a few short years ago, being away from the office meant being completely blocked out from your company’s competitive intelligence. Not anymore! With Deltek Touch CRM your employees have full access to your Deltek Vision CRM system from their mobile device. Boost your road-warrior’s productivity by providing them with the tools needed to keep in touch with a higher number of prospects

2) Collect Information at the Source

Deltek Touch CRM is designed to help your employees gather information at the source. Improve data accuracy by giving your out-of-office team the ability to instantly update Vision data from a mobile device, anywhere in the world!

3) Improve Company Insight

Deltek Touch CRM allows all of your employees access to the most up-to-date real-time information. Have you ever reached out to a customer, only to find out that one of your co-workers had already spoken with them the day before? This situation is not only embarrassing, but it makes your entire organization appear inept. Reduce the amount of information lag in your organization by enabling mobile CRM.

Instead of waiting for weekly, monthly or quarterly reports, decision makers can access on-demand information and address any problems before they arise.

Mobile CRM is No Longer Optional

You already take your smart phone everywhere, so why not take your Vision data with you? Today’s market place is a dog-eat-dog world, and you need every competitive advantage you can get. See how your firm can start doing more with Deltek Touch CRM:


Deltek Releases New User-Friend Vision iAccess for Mobile Users

Posted by Sarah Gonnella on August 27, 2015

Deltek_iAccess.pngIn June Deltek announced iAccess. So what is iAccess? Deltek’s iAccess is a new, user-friendly interface that gives front office employees access to Deltek Vision information on-the-go. Users can access information from anywhere, anytime and the new interface is specifically built for tablets and mobile devices. 

I recently went on a trip and didn’t have internet access to my laptop, but I had cellular service on my iPad. I found the new interface a life saver as I needed to quickly access client data. Portions of the new feature may look familiar because iAccess was formerly called Navigator, but has received new and improved capabilities. It now also includes CRM related information. Best of all iAccess is free for all users. The Business Development component does require a CRM license. 

The new interface now provides users the ability to access three critical areas of Vision: 

  • Employee Workspace: View, create and submit timesheets anywhere, anytime an employee has internet access. Provides a simplified way to manage and submit expenses with the ability to upload receipts from any mobile device.
  • Project Management Workspace: Plan, manage, monitor and execute project in a centralized, easy-to-use tool. Quickly and simply view key project metrics and view alerts and warnings when projects are at risk.  
  • Business Development Workspace: Manage clients, contacts and opportunities on-the-go. Business Development teams can review, add and update critical client data and add touchpoints after client meetings or calls.

iaccess employees

iaccess project management

iaccess business development

iaccess business development2

As you can see, the tool is really intuitive and the sleek new interface provides a more modern look and feel. Vision iAccess does have to be set-up by your IT staff just like the Deltek Touch products. Users must have remote access capabilities. For more information, be sure to download the product sheet or view Full Sail Partners’ iAccess webinar. 


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Take the Virtual Tour: Deltek Touch Time and Expense Application

Posted by Full Sail Partners on July 22, 2015

deltek touch appDeltek Touch Time and Expense for Vision provides flexibility for employees to easily capture, track and manage expense reports on-the-go. A Recent Aberdeen Group study shows the following research concerning mobile-enabled expense programs:

  • Visibility is a prime concern for the majority of organizations in regards to travel and expense management.
  • Mobile applications and technology are considered a ‘link to the future’ and will help business travelers and executives enact key expense management processes via smartphones or tablet devices.
  • Analytics is a prime means of enhancing travel and expense management visibility, gaining intelligence into the ROI of business.

Deltek Touch Time and Expense for Vision enables your firm to operate as a Best-in-Class organization and operate at the forefront of the industry. Enabling mobile expense reporting in your organization will allow users to: 

  • Document transaction data at the time the expense is incurred
  • Quickly add cash expenses (such as tips) to an expense report
  • Capture receipt images with a smart phone’s camera
  • Provide historical back-up data on-demand, in real time

Watch the below video and take a tour of Deltek Touch Time and Expense. See how quick and easy creating expense reports on the go should be. Never miss another expense again by shedding the old restrictions of a desk and going mobile with your expense reports! 

Be a Hunter and Farmer: 4 Essential Business Development Tools

Posted by Full Sail Partners on June 10, 2015

business development toolsSuccessful professional services business development professionals often view themselves as hunters. Much like the cavemen or nomads, this group of professionals is responsible for learning how to navigate the dangers of the world to bring food back to the pack. This overly simplified analogy challenges us to view business development tools and efforts on a visceral level.

However, today’s competitive business environment requires business developers to be both hunters and farmers. Technology has drastically changed the way that relationships are cultivated. Our world is now more connected than ever before, therefore the ‘entry for admission’ to being a known entity is significantly higher than it has ever been before.

So what are the most essential hunter-farmer business development tools? Let’s take a look!

The Business Development Tools for Success

  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) | CRM tools make it possible for everyone in your organization to work together to meet your clients’ needs by putting your clients at the center of your business. Real-time, holistic, competitive intelligence can provide you with everything needed to gain the competitive edge, win more business and increase customer satisfaction.
  2. Mobile Technology | For years BD professionals went out in to the field, gathered information, and brought the newly found information back to their firm. In today’s competitive business market we cannot afford the lag-time from collecting business intelligence, to acting upon it. Mobile technology has bridged this gap and allows professionals the full functionality of working from the office via a remote or mobile device.
  3. Social Collaboration Platform | Businesses that have more collaborative and engaged employees experience a higher rate of success. Social collaboration spaces are the virtual equivalent of an open office environment for your organization. Connect your out-of-office and internal staff through a platform that encourages employees to stay connected and share ideas more freely. Simplify file sharing, keep the entire project team informed and engage staff.
  4. Engagement Through Feedback | We are all familiar with the saying ‘it doesn’t hurt to ask.’ This concept is often overlooked in the business world. Don’t be afraid to ask clients if the processes you are using works for them. Utilize feedback to validate successes and identify areas of improvement. Foster long and meaningful relationships by asking, listening and responding to feedback.

Operate Like the Company You Desire to Be

As mentioned earlier, these business development tools are really the basics for being competitive in today’s market. Ultimately what differentiates your firm in the eyes of the client is how you utilize these technologies. Perception is often reality -- Clarissa the Client doesn’t know the intimate details about your firm, but she is aware of the image your firm presents. Firms that effectively deploy and manage the above tools are able to establish a brand within their market as top tier business partner.



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Deltek Touch Time and Expense: Confessions of a Serial Conference Attendee

Posted by Full Sail Partners on April 15, 2015

deltek touch time and expense appAs a virtual employee I often have a computer within arm’s reach. The need to access Deltek Vision on a mobile device has largely been non-existent for my work situation. However, recently I attended back-to-back conferences and I quickly found myself behind on my timesheets and desperately needing to submit an expense report. So one afternoon, as traffic died down while manning a tradeshow booth, I decided to install the Deltek Touch Time and Expense app on my phone.

The following blog outlines my thoughts and experiences using the app!

Deltek Touch Time and Expense:  What’s All the Buzz About?

This app is really easy to use! No seriously, it is. The clean smooth detailed design of the user experience shines through immediately. I quickly found myself navigating the menus and feeling a sense of insight regarding where I stood on past, present, and current timesheets and expense reports.

Expense reports have never been less of a hassle. I typically experience a lot of anxiety when it comes to doing expense reports. The idea of managing multiple, high value, expenses can be stressful to say the least. For me, Deltek’s Touch Time and Expense app took the stress out. I was able to quickly take a photo of my receipts with my smart phone, attach them to my expense report in Touch T&E, and voila – expense complete!

After long stints out of the office timesheets are no longer something I dread. Nothing sucks worse than being out of the office for days at a time. Oh wait – you know what sucks more? Trying to figure out how to bill all that time that you spent out of the office!

Managing my time on-site at these conferences with Deltek Touch Time and Expense could not have been easier. During down times I found myself quickly plugging my time in to Vision from my mobile device. No more sticky notes or emails to myself with logs of my time. This process was so easy that I now find myself using the application to log my day-to- day time after work while watching TV with my wife.

Like any application on a mobile device, Wi-Fi helps! The conference I was at had so many people using their phones that the 4G networks were basically useless. I quickly found a Wi-Fi hotspot and connected up and noticed a considerable increase in performance. Stay aware of the environment you are in and the technology you have available and make the most out of it!

This Deltek Touch Time and Expense App is Pretty Cool!

Overall I was extremely impressed with this application. The ability to instantly access my timesheets and expense reports on a mobile device was a life saver!  I’d encourage you to try the app out for yourself and let me know what you think.

Ready to start using the app? Watch this Deltek Touch Time and Expense Application tutorial and start doing more with your Vision system from a mobile device:

Have a cool story about how Deltek Touch Time and Expense has saved you time or frustrations? Respond to this blog and share your stories!

Deltek Touch Time and Expense

Get Mobile with Touch Time & Expense and Touch CRM 1.3!

Posted by Full Sail Partners on August 06, 2014

mobile deltek touchIt’s time to break away from the chains of your desk, and get mobile with Deltek Touch Time & Expense, and Touch CRM 1.3. With these apps, both available in iTunes and in the Play Store, it is now easier than ever to research (and update) contact records, as well as capture expenses and track time on the go. Take advantage of the following features, and provide your staff with the most powerful remote tools and utilities to do their jobs to the fullest:

Deltek Touch Time & Expense 1.3:

  • New Name, New Features, Same Reliability | In this release, expenses were added to the Touch Time application, and the application name has officially changed to ‘Touch Time and Expense’. No more waiting to manage timesheets and create expense reports. Avoid forgetting the details or losing receipts by entering as you go. Wherever your mobile device is, Touch Time & Expense follows.

  • A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words | Touch Time and Expense allows you to create a new report, and then associate expense with that report. Take pictures of receipts, and upload them directly!

  • Numerous User Experience and User Interface Upgrades | A number of improvements have been made to the application to improve your experience. Upgrades include:

    • A sliding menu to replace all tabs and provide quick access to Help and Log Out.
    • A menu button to allow you to perform specific tasks for timesheets and expense reports.

  • Math is Hard, Let Your Apps Figure it Out | Touch Time & Expense allows you to select or update default transaction currency and exchange rate for an expense report. This screen, however, only displays if Multicurrency is enabled in Vision core.

Deltek Touch CRM 1.3:

  • Touch Knows How to Push Your Buttons | Touch CRM now has buttons, with icons, to replace labels on certain screens. Examples of new buttons include:

    • ‘List Button’ - Tap this button to display options specific for the contacts, clients, and opportunities screens.
    • ‘Pen Button’ – Tapping this button allows you to edit contact, client, and opportunity information.

  • No Mobile Limitations | Touch CRM allows you to search, edit, and add clients on the go. In addition, add or update Opportunities with the touch of a button.
  • Syncing Made Easy | Touch CRM automatically syncs up with your Deltek Vision system, and allows you to create activities and calendar events on the desktop, and access them on your mobile device.
  • Full Visibility | See user defined fields in contacts, clients, and opportunities. Additionally, Touch CRM 1.3 gives you the ability to view activities!
  • It’s All One Touch Away | Make a phone call, send an email, or map an address with the touch of a button.

  • And more | Interested in learning more about the features and functionality included in Touch 1.3? Reach out to us today for a demo, and start operating better!

Are you currently using the Touch applications? If so, respond below and let us know what your experience has been like so far.


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Mobile CRM: A Day in the Life of a Business Developer

Posted by Kevin Hebblethwaite on May 08, 2014

mobile crmOften when discussing the benefits of using mobile CRM, we overlook just how powerful the tool actually is. You can literally leverage the power of a mobile CRM through every aspect of a client meeting or interaction. This is not hyperbole, but real life applicable benefits. Let’s break down the process of a meeting, and look at how technology can help you become a better professional:

On the way to meeting the client
I’m on the way to a meeting with a client and I can’t recall where their office is.

  • I pull up my Vision Touch Mobile CRM application that allows me to look up the client or the contact and by clicking right on the address I can map my directions right to the office.
  • If the address isn’t in there, I  update the information into my mobile CRM application to ensure the data is updated for upcoming marketing mailings or for other employees that might reach out to the same contact.

As I wait for the client to arrive

Just before I head into the meeting, I can also review previous meeting notes from myself or my co-workers who last visited the client.

  • I previously asked my marketing team to add client research to client notes. So to prepare for my meeting, I review this information to assist me with our discussion.
  • I review the list of past projects, and familiarize myself with similar clients that I might share with them.

Walking into this meeting I’m confident that I have a solid background and I’m more aware of where I still have gaps that need more information.  If any questions arise in the meeting, I have information right at my fingertips.

After the meeting, it’s time for action

When I’m leaving the meeting I pause to grab a cup of tea and add in any new contacts I met at the meeting.

  • Because I can access custom fields in my Vision Touch Mobile CRM, I can add more than just new names. I can include their role and add any upcoming opportunities we discussed.
  • In an effort to build more personal relationships, I fill in notes I learned about the client -- my contact loves to run, so I even add them to future marketing campaigns for a relay team we are organizing for a local industry charity event we are a sponsor of.

I take the time now to jot down my notes while they are fresh in my mind, as I know I won’t have time when I get back to the office.  So I pause now to make sure I add not only new contacts, but also notes regarding strategic information I gathered at the meeting before I forget what I heard. This information, because it’s entered in through my Mobile CRM, is sent directly to Vision and recorded for future review by me or others in my firm.

So what does this all mean?

I take my last sip while I add any reminders or follow-up activities and assign them to myself or others at the firm.  I don’t want to forget anything I promised to get back to the client on. I grab my keys and I head back to the office knowing that I’m doing what I can to move the relationship and opportunities along.

Sure, there are task lists, emails, note pads, and plenty of other ways I could keep track of these meeting notes. However, all of those are missing something that a Mobile CRM application such as Vision Touch CRM give me – the ability to not only track but also assign and share tasks and information with everyone else in my firm. With all the noise, meetings, and short amount of time I have in the day, there is no better way for me to collect these nuggets of gold from clients or the things I promised to follow up on during that meeting.


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