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Deltek Vision Year End 2015

Posted by Gina Stamper on December 17, 2015

year_end_2015.pngIt’s that time again! Year-end is here and it is time to close out your Deltek Vision system. This blog will provide you with resources and reminders to ensure a successful year-end close out of your Deltek Vision system. Check out the information below, and let us know if you have any questions.

Don't Forget Your Deltek Vision Year-End Processes

As we go through the year-end process there are mistakes we (and others) make that are easy to recover from like entering the 15 page depreciation journal entry “backwards” at midnight sitting in your semi dark office chugging your 15th pot of coffee.  Some are more difficult – like removing all the lower levels of your work break-down structure (did that once – glad our backups worked). So outside of deleting the database, what are some of the items in Vision year end processing that are hard to recover from?

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Stress Free Year-End Process - Yes You Can!

Year-end is always a stressful time of year, but it doesn’t have to be.  As with everything else in the world of Accounting, planning and preparation is the key to a successful and stress-free year end. Check out this article talk provides a few tips to make your year-end close just a little easier.

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Additionally, check out our on-demand webinar to see how you can make your year-end stress free.  Our panel will provide insight into best practices, tips to close your books with ease, and focus on those “gotchas” on year-end processes. See what our panel says about the following year-end items:

  1. How to make your process efficient
  2. Avoid disruption to production
  3. Communication topics to provide your staff and management
  4. Saving money by evading closing obstacles

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Year-End Resources Available

It is that time of the year and Deltek Customer Care is working to assist you with year-end activities. You can now take advantage of these year-end resources:

Year-End Forums
Deltek Vision has a dedicated board for Year-End Questions. Access the Deltek Customer Care Forums and connect with your peers to ask questions, exchange ideas and share knowledge about Year-End.

Phone Menu
For complex questions, call Customer Care at 1-877-HLP-PROJ with your questions. At the voice prompts, simply select your product's year-end option to get to a Subject Matter Expert immediately.

Year-End Info Center
This is your one-stop shop for easy access to all year-end related knowledge base articles, videos and special offerings during year-end.

Quick Chat
Access Quick Chat for quick questions regarding Year-End. Chat hours are available Monday - Friday from 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM ET.

Additional Year-End Guides and Videos

All Year-End Guides, documents and Frequently Asked Questions are available. To access this year-end information, visit the Year-End Info Center on the Deltek Customer Care Connect website. There you'll find valuable information with step-by-step instructions for closing your year-end.

We hope these resources serve as good reminder. Best wishes from the Full Sail Partners' staff! Wishing you a prosperous 2016.

Important Note Regarding Year-End Regulatory Updates in 2015

Year-end updates in 2015 will be supported only on Vision 7.3, Vision 7.4 and Vision 7.5. Regulatory updates for releases prior to Vision 7.3 will not be delivered.

Check out the Deltek Support Assurance Product Lifecycle on the Deltek Customer Care Connect website for the latest information on your product's status and definitions of the support delivered in the Active, Maintenance, and Sustaining phases.

It’s Time to Upgrade! 

Working in the most recent release of your Deltek solution ensures your firm is benefiting from all the features and enhancements engineered into the latest versions of Vision. Your support and maintenance plan entitles your firm to download the latest version of your product here if you're not up-to-date!

Is Your Firm Prepared for Deltek Vision 7.5?

Are you ready for Deltek Vision 7.5? Don’t worry, our team of experts are here to get you up to speed! Deltek Vision 7.5 includes features and enhancements that are a direct result of your input. Optimize your organization with Vision 7.5 and provide your teams the latest tools and resources to win more, manage more and do more! 

Register to join us for this free virtual webinar as we review the latest enhancements and features introduced with Deltek Vision 7.5.

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