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Thinking Outside of the Box?

Posted by Wes Renfroe on Wed, May 08, 2019 @ 11:35 AM

Custom Solutions Do you have an idea that hasn’t been done before? Full Sail Partners can leverage our expertise to help build a custom solution to your specifications. Just let us know what you have in mind and be as detailed as possible. It will be worth the effort since it will expedite getting your project to reality. Here’s all you need to do:

Go to Our Website

First off, just go to the Full Sail Partners website then click on the Services tab. Next, click on Deltek Product Solutions. At the bottom of that page, we have a link for “contact us today” for unique business needs. Just click there and it will bring you to the list of questions to help us understand how we can help.

Motivations for the Custom Solution

The first few questions let us know the gist of your idea including the type of project you have in mind. Is it report driven, data driven or something else? What has brought you to needing this custom solution? Finally, are there certain necessary components that need to be part of your custom solution?

Give Us the Details

We want to understand exactly what you are looking for with your idea. So, in this next part we need as many details typed into the box as possible. Also, we want to know if your Deltek Vantagepoint or Vision is hosted or if you are maintaining it on site. Full Sail Partners does Vision hosting, therefore if you are one of our clients already that is even better.

Send Screenshots

Lastly, screenshots of what you are looking to accomplish are a big time-saver. They give us a good visual of what you have in mind for your custom need. There are directions provided to help you get that screenshot to us. If there are any additional mock-ups or samples of your idea, send those to us as well.

Submit and Full Sail Partners Will Get Right on It

Custom solutions are available for Deltek Vision and are becoming available for Vantagepoint to help your firm get the most out of your ERP solution. The process is easy and the effort very worthwhile. We are looking forward to seeing what out of the box ideas your firm has today!

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Now is the Time to Move to the Cloud

Posted by Wes Renfroe on Wed, Jan 02, 2019 @ 11:30 AM


Move to the Cloud

As a small to medium business owner, IT management can be a big headache. Your real work is often disrupted by IT issues such as adding new employees, getting your staff’s machines and apps running, and updating software and support. Moving to the cloud with hosted apps and desktops is the best solution for your firm. Let’s look at the benefits of cloud hosting.

Mobilize the Workforce

With a hosted virtual desktop service, employees have access to apps, documents and other resources from anywhere. All that is necessary is an internet connection and an end point device. Employees can get work done on the go and feel like they never left their workstations.

Business Continuity

Data is safe and always available with a hosted service. If there is a power outage or natural disaster, the offsite data center provides firms with no disruption of service. Data is always secure in the virtual data center which ensures protection with built-in data encryption.

Reduced IT Costs

With a hosted solution, no IT expertise is needed by the firm. Firms will end up spending less on licensing fees and off-site data storage and backup. Anti-spam and virus management is also provided in addition to 24x7 help desk support.

Focus on Growing Your Business

Moving to the cloud with hosted apps and desktops leaves time for your firm to focus on your real work and growing your business. Using the cloud solution, the days of having to manage apps, desktops and servers are in the past. Instead, all the updates and patches are handled for you. Are you ready to move to the cloud?

Thinking Out Cloud  

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Using Business Intelligence for Successful Firm Performance

Posted by Wes Renfroe on Wed, Mar 28, 2018 @ 11:00 AM

Business Intelligence Technically, business intelligence or BI has been around for centuries. It is simply the review/analysis of business data. Traditionally, this review had been focused on the past performance of financial data which was easiest to access. As this was financial data, the only people who had access were senior management teams and lower level employees were provided little, if any information. Fortunately, we have come a long way since the old days.

Old Days No More

Financial trends have become easier to access and report against, and we have gotten better at creating and using tools to let us peer into the murky future. Solutions such as resource (people) planning, project planning and CRM (client relationship management) now allow us to track what we see on our immediate horizons. With a combination of these past-looking and forward-looking tools, we can provide a comprehensive view of our performance and where we see upcoming opportunities.

New Problem with Amount of Available Data

So, here’s the new problem. We have access to so much information that it is easy to get overwhelmed. There needs to be a way to draw our eye to a potential “opportunity.” We have also restructured enough that simply having a team who looks at the information and communicates the “opportunity” down the channels isn’t enough. We now require everyone in the company to see the potential and act on it. 

Power of Modern BI Tools

Modern BI tools are the solution to this problem. They allow for consolidation of information into a single data warehouse, so management can see the trends, but this information can also be maintained ‘real-time’ or very close to it depending on the situation. The information can then be presented in a cohesive format that provides an easy view of how the company is performing against its goals.

Furthermore, this information can be disseminated through all the employees (as appropriate) so they can then make informed decisions about their day to day priorities. Additionally, with our mobile workforce, modern BI provides people access to what they need when they need it. Ultimately, the best BI will offer a visual that will call out an issue (or opportunity to improve) and then allow direct access to the data to see what the detail is. 

Example of How Modern BI Works

Below is an actual Division Manager view that shows her the team’s utilization, backlog and outstanding AR. She might look at the AR third column (with the big past due amount) and want to see the specifics:

BI Blog Image 1.png

A simple click of a button will drill down to the clients and let her know there really is only one problem:

BI Blog Image 2.png

She can even go down further to the detail level and see more:

BI Blog Image 3.png

This information will be available to her at the job site, the soccer match or while she grabs a coffee on the way to work. Modern BI tools are very convenient and effective.

Ensuring Successful Firm Performance with Modern BI Tools

Today’s BI is the best way to stay in touch with your company’s performance. A responsive, well thought out BI tool will allow the company to focus on performance metrics that can easily be drilled down to the individual and rolled up to the management team. This modern BI will enable everyone on the team to pull in the same direction and ensure success for the entire company.

Blackbox Connector for Informer 5 and Deltek Vision

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Complete Cloud Solutions – Does Your Technology Have the Ability To Evolve?

Posted by Wes Renfroe on Wed, Feb 11, 2015 @ 01:05 PM

COMPLETE CLOUD SOLUTIONSIn the modern business environment, decision makers observe daily how technology is driving business transformation. More and more CFOs, CMOs and business leaders with IT leadership roles are having the conversation about how their businesses are growing and the impact the cloud is having on their organizational IT plans.

I often speak with customers about the ways we are helping organizations transform into digital businesses and how that enables greater responsiveness in a mobile-driven, cloud-first world. As there becomes less separation between our digital work and digital life, enabling experiences delivered across devices and through the complete cloud is vital.

But what is the ‘complete cloud’? While it is tempting to think of the cloud as a single-entity consisting of raw processing power; the truth is that the complete cloud is more of an ecosystem with many distinctive parts that interact with each other.  To take things a step further, the complete cloud allows you access to your entire technology setup, and all of your data, from anywhere, on any device!

Complete Cloud Solutions - What does this even mean?

So, how is the complete cloud changing the way firms do business? Let’s first examine three aspects that define what exactly a complete cloud solution is:

  • A truly complete cloud offering includes everything from SPAM protection to server intrastructure and software in one package.

To get even more specific, when you utilize a complete cloud solution, your technology package should minimally include hardware like an LCD monitor, a cloud-computer with the latest operating system, virus and SPAM filtering, and Microsoft Office. You should also be given unlimited storage with a server plant fit to run all of your business applications.


  • Ability to unite all of your systems and processes with one single contact.

Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to wade through several phone numbers when you have a problem, negotiate with several vendors when costs start to rise, or read through mountains of separate manuals when you need specific product help?  When you have one phone number for all your IT needs, the gift of time is given back to you.  

  • Managed by a true partner whom has your best interest in mind.

It’s more than just throwing together a list.  It’s really about vendor management.  Being that partner who works on your behalf.  A partner who is technologically proficient to make sure you’re getting the best technology and services available allowing you to focus your energies on what you do best.  And what’s more is having a partner who knows your business, your industry so that the IT offerings in your complete cloud solution truly reflect what you need to get your work done.  

So, what is all the hype about with the complete cloud?

Now that we’ve discussed what real, complete cloud solutions are, let’s talk about the benefits:

  • Reliability – 24/7 access

In-house problems:  Systems go down but your IT department can only work so many hours OR disaster strikes in the form of Mother Nature.  How long will it take to get everyone working again?

Complete cloud solutions You know those factories that put up signs indicating how long it has been accident free?  That same concept exists in the technology world – except they are virtual signs denoting the complete lack of interruption in service.  In this world, they take 24/7 seriously.  And as a complete cloud customer, you will never lose access, have data issues, or lag times.  Never.

  • Mobility – access anywhere, anytime.

In house problem:  Ever been in front of a client trying to answer a question, but you can’t access your data either because the VPN is lagging or the data isn’t synchronized?

Complete cloud solutions: We live in a mobile world.  We have tablets, smart phones, and virtual offices.  We need access from anywhere – Carolina to California – at any time.  We need systems that are optimized for uniform performance with no lag or data conflicts, as if we are in HQ with our servers next door.  With the complete cloud, your data is, in fact, accessible wherever you are.  

  • Fixed cost – no surprises.

In house problem:  How often did you think you were getting an all-inclusive cost?  Or, how difficult is it to manage the contracts and costs of multiple IT vendors; pay thousands of dollars in technology upgrade costs, licensing fees, and unexpected technology replacements (printer died, monitor cracked, etc.); or cope with expensive IT management issues (human, technology, and vendor)?

Complete cloud solutions:  With a complete cloud solution, all costs are detailed up front. Period.  No surprises, no emergent expenses. 

Evolve with the future

Business is evolving, so should your technology! Server flexibility, storage and memory are the life-force that drives modern business. Successful business leaders have identified the need to be able to react to the changing requirements of their technological environment. Lack of resources can impact business, and stump growth. Today, the complete cloud solution is the perfect marriage of business with modern technology.

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IT Consultant, Cloud Solution, Cost Savings … Oh My!

Posted by Wes Renfroe on Wed, Apr 16, 2014 @ 02:00 PM

Cloud Solution, IT ConsultantJust like Dorothy in the Land of Oz, we are all searching for the great and powerful wizard to handle our problems, like computing.  Instead of the brave lion, the full-of-heart tin man, or the intelligent scarecrow, our companions to this all-powerful place are IT Consultants who lead us to today’s version of the Land of Oz … the Cloud Solution. 

What is a Cloud Solution?

First, let’s talk about this land that, to many people, seems amorphous and far away – the Cloud Solution for your IT problems.  The cloud is really a symbol for an ever available electronic network that relieves you of managing your IT infrastructure.  To bring it closer to earth … the cloud is really a partnership where another company manages all of your IT needs including securely storing your computer data, handling all hardware and software needs, and allowing you continuous access to your computing.  

The cloud takes the IT infrastructure burden off you

and allows you to focus your energies on what you do best.

Here’s an example … let’s say you’re a small construction engineering firm.  Your engineers can create CAD designs that are a thing of beauty.  But managing an internal network, updating software and hardware, and troubleshooting issues are just not in their skill set.  Furthermore, researching and buying all those computers and other technical devices is a massive non-revenue generating responsibility.  You need someone to take care of all this – you need a Cloud Solution that will eliminate headaches, and provide benefits: 

  • Reduce costs – managing your entire IT hardware and software structure and all labor with people whose first skill and interest is taking care of your computing.  
  • Be disaster safe – with disasters like hurricanes and wildfires, it’s nice to know that your data is housed in a facility specifically designed to protect the hardware and software from these types of occurrences.  Is your building that safe?
  • Be green – these days, we’re all trying to do our part in taking care of our planet; the less energy we use and the fewer old computers that end up in a landfill is a big part of that.  Cloud computing manages this far more effectively than many businesses are designed to do.
  • But most importantly, allow secure access to your data from anywhere, at any time on any device.  

Yes, literally.  Access.  Anywhere.  Anytime.  Anything.

What does a good IT Consultant do?

“Sounds good,” you say, “But who will get me started?”  That’s where you work with an IT Consultant from Full Sail Partners.  According to Forbes.com, “Be the Best Consultant Ever:  6 Things That Will Make You Great” (11/05/13), a successful consultant will:

  • Do exactly what they say they are going to do
  • Pay attention to details which produce error-free deliverables
  • Truly be the “expert”
  • Think critically through all possible solutions
  • Be resourceful
  • Probe effectively and listen critically

In short, a good IT Consultant is there for YOU. 

So when we pulled back those drapes and learned the great and powerful Oz is, in fact, Full Sail Partners, all fears vanished.  Full Sail offers the consulting expertise and a free webinar to further help solidify the benefits of cloud consulting.  And, luckily, there is no need to click our heels three times to find that consultant – one click of a mouse and you’re on your way.  

And, yes, you can keep the ruby red slippers … you’re welcome!

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5 Best Collaboration Tools in 2014

Posted by Wes Renfroe on Wed, Jan 15, 2014 @ 08:30 AM

collaboration toolsNot all business buzzwords are created equal. For example, “collaboration” is red-hot among buzzwords today — but unlike other momentarily popular topics, the concept has been around a long time, but is now being addressed via technology designed to leverage the Internet. Collaboration apps and platforms typically take advantage of the Internet to enable the sharing of documents, ideas, calendars and more with colleagues. In fact, the more one embraces collaboration, the more implications one can find for teamwork, innovation and growth.

Here’s a quick look at the 5 best collaboration tools available today.


Kona is a cloud-based social collaboration/productivity platform for individuals and groups that enables file sharing, task/event management, and comments and conversations via Skype and instant messaging. It also integrates easily with other collaboration platforms and products, including Dropbox, iCloud, Google Docs and even SharePoint (if that’s your collaborative bag). 

In addition, Kona includes templates to expedite repeatable projects and processes, and can function as a company’s Private Social Network and shared calendar. Even better, Kona’s mobile app compliments its desktop functionalities, letting users track work from anywhere. Take it for a test drive by checking out the free trial version.


JoinMe is an elegantly simple (at least, simple to the end user) solution that allows you to share screens with anyone anywhere over an Internet connection. JoinMe can accommodate up to 10 meeting participants, and allows the meeting initiator to choose which items to share with whom, and enables chatting with one participant at a time or all at once. Keep in mind that these features are all in the free version — a fact that helped it land on our list of the 5 best collaboration tools.


Doodle is a handy meeting scheduling/tracking tool for Android device users. Designed to integrate seamlessly with Google Calendar, Doodle makes it easy to find the right date and time for a group of people to meet. You can use the basic service for free at doodle.com, without the need to register or install software. With easy-to-use polling capabilities and real-time commenting tools, it’s also available as a low cost app for Android devices.


Currently in use by over 200 million people, Dropbox is a cloud-based platform for file sharing and accessing. Users designate a special folder on their computer that Dropbox synchronizes with similar folders the user creates on their other computers and devices. Any files that the user places in the Dropbox folder also are accessible through a website and mobile phone applications. Available for Windows, Macintosh and Linux desktop operating systems, Dropbox also offers apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry devices. Options range from a free version to DropBox for Business ($15/user/month).


Skype enables free video and voice calling to anyone else using Skype, as well as instant messaging and file sharing. Alternatively, a modestly-priced version of Skype includes low rates on calls to mobile devices and landlines worldwide, text messaging and group video calls for up to 10 people. Users can take part in Skype calls using a wide variety of devices, from desktop computers and mobile devices to home phones, certain TVs, and even devices you might not think of as collaboration tools, such as PlayStations Vitas and iPod Touches.

Join the collaborative world

As you can see from the 5 best collaboration tools mentioned above, the world of collaboration choices and tools is exploding. But before you jump in and start rubbing virtual elbows with colleagues on the other side of the world, keep in mind two bits of advice:

  1. As attractive as their price tags may be, the free versions of all of these apps and platforms have limitations. For example, you may be limited in the number of participants you can accommodate and the amount of data you can share — and you may have to endure the occasional advertisement as well.
  2. Remember that integration with your existing apps (especially your calendar) as well as other collaboration apps is critical. Some of these apps, such as Kona, play well with almost all of the apps mentioned above; others, not so much. The more seamless the integration between your various collaboration apps, the bigger the impact on productivity and ease of use.

Despite those caveats, each of these tools can truly transform aspects of the way you work with colleagues. The result could be better ideas, more effective teams, and possibly even a better quality of life. Just imagine how nice it would be to cut down the time you spend setting up, going to and from, and sitting in meetings — not to mention, take part in them from the comfort of your own home, cubicle, or coffee shop! 


Deltek Kona, Social Collaboration

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Deltek Vision Timesheet Activity Automation

Posted by Wes Renfroe on Tue, Aug 20, 2013 @ 04:00 PM

Activities provide a greater way to gain visibility into communication efforts across the firm about a client. They provide a detailed view of what is going on with a project/firm/opportunity and are critical for providing team backup and covering your backside.  You are probably aware of three main ways to create activities in Deltek Vision – Manually (slow), Using MODI (faster but limited), and CMO (even faster but costs more $$).  The innovation team here at Full Sail Partners has developed a fourth way, the fastest, easiest, most convenient way to create activities so far:  Just do your timesheet and let the activities be created for you! 

The way it works is quite simple, just enter your hours, as well as, a detailed comment regarding work done for a project on your timesheet and make sure the first character in the comment is a tilde symbol (~).  Save your entry and close your Deltek Vision timesheet.  Overnight all the timesheets will be scanned and those that start with the special character will have activities generated for them.  Additionally the leading character will be changed from the tilde to a carot (^) to signal that an activity has been created for this entry.  Once your Deltek Vision timesheets are closed out and before billing is run all special characters are removed. 

So just by adding one additional character to my timesheet, this: 

Deltek Vision Timesheet

Becomes this:

Deltek Vision Activity 

This is a great way for you to “kill two birds with one stone” (well maim them maybe) – Keeping your timesheet up-to-date and relevant (making accounting happy) and providing the CYA and team insight into your progress on the project (making management happy). Want to learn more about this and other Full Sail Partners solutions?

Deltek Vision Timesheet Customization Solution

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Deltek Vision How-To: Applying Hotfixes to Deltek Vision

Posted by Wes Renfroe on Fri, May 31, 2013 @ 10:12 AM
describe the imageIn this Deltek Vision How-To Video, we will demonstrate how to apply hotfixes to your Deltek Vision server.  Thanks to the introduction of cumulative updates, applying hotfixes is easier than ever.

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Deltek Vision Tips: Setting Up Remote Access for Deltek Touch

Posted by Wes Renfroe on Fri, Apr 19, 2013 @ 08:30 AM

Vision UnleashedSo, you’ve heard about the new Vision Unleashed, Deltek Touch Time and CRM mobile applications and want your smartphone users to be able to utilize these applications to access Vision offsite. Perhaps you like the idea of your Vision users having the ability to work from home or abroad or maybe you think the new Navigator interface would be really helpful for project managers out in the field.  However, you feel opening up Vision access from the web sounds kind of scary and you have questions. Is it safe? Is it expensive to set up? Is it hard to configure? 

Well, let’s take a look!  

Is it safe?

Yes it is!  When properly deployed using Secure HTTP and a strong password policy, accessing your Vision data from anywhere is as safe as accessing your banking information. 

Is it expensive?

Only in the time to set up (generally an hour or two) and the purchase of a security certificate. The certificate is good for several years and costs only a few hundred dollars. 

Is it hard to configure?

For a single server install the process is simple and can be completed with very little downtime or afterhours with proper planning.  Multi-tier installs offer a bit more complexity and should be discussed to ensure all the nuances are covered before beginning.  Full Sail Partners has assisted many firms with the transition. Feel free to reach out to us for support.  

Here are the steps to open Deltek Vision to the internet to allow your firm access to new features like Deltek Touch.

  1. Configure a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) that you will use to reach Vision from offsite. ‘Vision.yourcompanyname.com’ is a common format.
  2. Purchase and install a SSL security certificate for your new FQDN on your Vision server.
  3. Modify your firewall rules to allow port 443 (secure http) traffic to be forwarded to your Vision server. Note: This is a good time to try visiting your Vision login page to see if everything is on the right track, in Internet Explorer. Visit HTTPS://Vision.yourcompanyname.com and make sure it loads.
  4. Verify the FQDN is also reachable internally, DNS may need tweaking.
  5. In Reporting Services Configuration Manager, under the Web Service URL tab, add the SSL identities now available since applying the new security certificate.
  6. In the Vision Weblink, on the reporting tab, change the Server URL to your new FQDN/reportserver. For example: https://vision.yourcompanyname.com/reportserver. Note: Be sure to click the Test button to verify you have it right!
  7. Voila! You should now be able to log in from both onsite and offsite and successfully run reports.  Once verified, you can notify all of your users to use the new link for their Vision needs. 

iAccess, Deltek Touch, and Vision Unleashed can now be deployed.  Enjoy safely and securely accessing Vision, anywhere, anytime! Let us know your experience.

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Hurricane Sandy is a Reminder to Take Steps to Protect Mission Critical Data

Posted by Wes Renfroe on Tue, Oct 30, 2012 @ 05:55 PM

Hurricane Sandy spreads her reach to 13 states wide and the evaluation of the damage and impact begin to be accessed. After the superstorm subsides, the ability to communicate to family, co-workers, and clients becomes vital. This is then followed by returning to a sense of normalcy. Events like this provide a new perspective that we sometimes overlook, the ability to access our data. You don't have to wait until you lose your data or don't have a quick restore to address this issue.

For nearly five years, Full Sail Partners has been responsible for our hosted Deltek Vision clients a guarantee of 99.5%.  To meet that uptime guarantee, a way to monitor, maintain, and protect our clients was mission critical.  Three services are now available to all Deltek Vision clients who maintain their own on-site server with our best of breed tools and techniques.


On a monthly basis Full Sail Partners will conduct an eyes-on, comprehensive inspection based on a checklist of over 30 parameters, deploy the latest Full Sail Partners scripts and tricks to maximize uptime, install the latest hotfixes, and perform a soup-to-nuts database restore to test your backup plan to ensure your backups are something you can count on.  We’ll also set up that restored database as a hidden test database so you have the ability to try/test/play without disturbing your production data.


Chances are good there’s more information in your database today than yesterday, and the database isn’t getting smaller or using less resources.  Most companies only discover these conditions when it is too late and Vision is already ‘down’.  That would be unacceptable for our hosting clients, so we developed ‘Overwatch’, a real time monitoring system tailored to all of the Vision critical metrics and services.  Overwatch allows us (and now you too!) to check the health of your Vision servers via a webpage and see up to date information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Additionally, even when you’re not looking, Overwatch is.  Warning and escalating emails will be sent to your staff whenever something like memory usage thresholds are reached.  This allows IT to be aware of issues in time to react before they become showstoppers.

Catastrophe Protection

Deltek Vision Backup, Monitoring, Health Check, & data recovery of your mission critical dataEven though Full Sail Partners utilizes multiple hosting locations and redundancy, we wanted the additional protection of an independent, standalone backup solution for our client’s database archives, logos, and custom work.  We felt so strongly about this strategy that we decided to make our solution available to our on-site clients.  If there is absolutely nothing else you do to protect your Vision data, a dependable, tested, offsite backup solution is critical.  In addition to providing anytime access to your encrypted database backups, we also include 30 days of free hosting and will have your database online and available within 24 hours of your loss of server casualty.

To learn more about implementing these solutions in your disaster prevention, protection, and recover plans view our Comprehensive IT Services to Plan, Protect, and Prevent.

System bogging you down? Get a Health Check!

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