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Approval Workflows in Deltek Vantagepoint

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Approval workflows in Deltek Vantagepoint streamline organizational processes, offering a comprehensive range of features that enhance efficiency and flexibility. From multi-tiered and multi-step approvals to flexible role-based assignments, these workflows cater to complex approval hierarchies and specific organizational needs. Let’s dive into the different features and uses of these workflows and explore how they can make your approval processes smoother and more efficient.

Approval Workflows

Since some readers might be new to approval workflows, let’s review the functions of approval workflows in Vantagepoint.

  • Multi-tiered Approvals – Allows approval workflows to have the ability to assign one person or multiple people with approval responsibilities for a specific request.
  • Multi-step Approvals – Allows additional steps to be added in an approval workflow.
  • Flexible Assignments – Instead of assigning the approval to a person, make the approval assignment to a specific role or function within the organization.
  • Reassignments – Quickly reassign an action to add additional approvers or reassign the approval assignment to another person.
  • Conditions – Allows for the use condition when approval is required, such as a dollar amount for an expense.
  • Actions – Send and receive notifications of an approval request by email or an alert.
  • Validations – Allows for notifications when criteria are not met, such as requiring a receipt on an expense report.

Workflow Failure Notifications – Workflows are smart! They will notify the approval administrator if a terminated employee or a role with no employees has been assigned approval responsibilities.

Applications That Have Approval Workflows

Here are some examples of applications that you can apply workflows to:

  • Expense Reports
    • Both Line-item approval and Whole Report approval
  • Timesheet Approvals
    • Both Line-Item approval and Whole Report approval
  • Absence Requests
  • AP Invoice Approvals
  • Billing Invoice Approvals
  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Request for Price Quotes
  • Purchase Orders (PO’s, Change Orders, and Releases)
  • Item Requests

For those of you transitioning from Vision to Vantagepoint and enjoying the flexibility of Expense Report approvals for both line items and the whole reports, you’re in luck because Vantagepoint allows more flexibility in the Timesheet approval process.

Timesheet and Timesheet Line Approval Workflows Overview

In Vantagepoint, with improved Timesheet and Timesheet Line Approval workflows, users can leverage some of the benefits outlined below:

  • Approval Workflows that are multi-step and based on specific parameters to align the approval process with your organization’s operations.
  • Send approval requests to specific employees or roles within your organization.
  • Approve all lines of a timesheet or just approve a specific line.
  • Set up notifications to alert people about the status of the approval process and let the approver know a request is pending.  

Are you ready to enable Timesheet and Timesheet Line approvals? If you are not sure, here are some things to think about.

  • Does your organization have a defined process for timesheet approvals?
  • Which roles and individuals need approval assignments?

Since Deltek has allowed more flexibility in Timesheet and Timesheet Line approvals your firm will benefit from revisiting your current approval process.

Billing Invoice Approvals

Have you evaluated your billing process lately? Are you still printing drafts on paper?

In Vantagepoint, Deltek has introduced a way to process your monthly client invoices through the system including a way to use markup tools on the draft invoice(s).

Starting in Vantagepoint 6.5, you can review multiple drafts up until the final acceptance of the invoice. This “in system” back and forth communication between the finance/billing team and the project manager could help streamline your current process. Reduce back-and-forth emails and get your invoices out faster. Update your approval workflow to send notifications to employees identified on the project records.

Do you need multiple steps in your billing approval process?

While this workflow is not as dynamic as the timesheet and expense workflows there are ways to leverage the comment fields to allow for multiple review steps. For some tips and tricks on this creative solution please contact your Full Sail Consultant.

Enhance Efficiency with Approval Workflows

Vantagepoint's approval workflows provide a comprehensive solution for enhancing efficiency across various organizational tasks. With capabilities like multi-tiered and multi-step approvals, role-based assignments, and real-time notifications, these workflows cater to diverse needs. They are applicable to numerous areas, including expense reports, timesheets, billing invoices, and more, helping streamline processes and improve overall functionality. By implementing these workflows, your organization can achieve smoother operations and better compliance, ultimately boosting productivity and reducing administrative hassle.

Want to see more about approvals? Take a look at our webinar on Deltek Vantagepoint’s Accounts Payable (AP) Invoice Approvals!


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