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Who Ya Gonna Call? ...for Deltek Vision Support?

Deltek SupportIn a recent survey conducted by Full Sail Partners, 33% of clients did not understand the services provided by Deltek support vs. Full Sail Partners. Additionally, some clients don't understand what a Deltek Partner is and the value a partner can provide. So let's address these questions. 

What is a Deltek Partner? 
Deltek partners with a wide range of companies that act as an extension of their business. These partners include Infrastructure Technology Companies, Independent Software Vendors, Resellers, Consulting Partners, CPA Accountant Networks, and Hosting Companies. Full Sail Partners is an authorized software reseller, consulting partner, and application hosting partner.

As a Deltek Partner, what is your relationship to our firm?
Clients might be assigned to a Deltek Partner to help manage the relationship.  The management of that relationship includes administering your annual maintenance contract, providing you consulting services, and serving as your Deltek liaison regarding upgrades, expansions, maintenance questions, or Deltek announcements.  As a Deltek Partner, we also believe it is important to educate our clients through local user groups and our free webinars.  

When would I call Deltek Support vs. calling Full Sail Partners, my Deltek Partner?
Deltek Customer Care Support is included as a part of your annual maintenance contract or your subscription.  As a part of your maintenance, Deltek Customer Care provides a forum and a knowledge base to answer technical questions.  When answers can’t be found through those avenues, support can be contacted via phone at 1-877-HLP-PROJ (1-877-457-7765) or through the web at http://support.deltek.com.  For example, if you receive an error message while using the software, experience a software defect or need troubleshooting, or have a technical software questions, support can provide you answers.  

If your question is related to how to use the software, best practices, training, implementation, customization, or hosting services then Full Sail Partners can assist.  When in doubt we encourage you to reach out to your consultant or your Account Manager at Full Sail, we can help direct you to the right resource.

Who is our Account Manager at Full Sail Partners?
As an Account Manager at Full Sail Partners, our role is responsible for directing your firm to the proper channel and identify the most skilled resources to address your question or concern. I f you need to contact us please email sales@fullsailpartners.com or call us at 888.552.5535. 

Still need further clarification?  Add a comment to start the dialogue regarding your Deltek Vision Support needs.

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