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Adobe Creative Cloud

Posted by Full Sail Partners on Wed, Mar 01, 2017 @ 11:44 AM

Last year Adobe released their comprehensive new cloud offering, Adobe Creative Cloud’. The Adobe Creative Cloud provides users full access to all of Adobe’s creative offerings, in addition to exclusive features and products only available to subscribers. With this new bundle, companies are able to take their design capabilities to a new level!    

Many small A/E firms struggle with the decision to empower their marketing team with the various Adobe offerings. This usually is not a decision based on product functionality, but rather a decision based on economics. Let’s be honest, Adobe products are not cheap! But like many things in life, you get what you pay for.

Adobe has realized this hurdle that many small business face, and they answered with the Creative Cloud! Rather than outright purchasing an Adobe license (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.), a large one-time expense, Cloud members pay a monthly fee of $49.99 – yearly costs are about equal to purchasing one Adobe product outright. This is a pretty fair deal if you ask me: You are ensured to always have the most up to date software, you gain access to every Adobe product, and you avoid costly upgrades!

In addition to limiting your company’s investment, the Adobe Creative Cloud also provides the following features and offerings:

  1. Creative Cloud users get 20 gigs of online storage.  This space is great for sharing files with clients, storing files while on the go, and creating online backups of critical design files.  Many times designers are working in off-site locations and collaborating over the web.  Use this storage space to share important project files like font types, swatches, templates and more!
  2. In addition to acting like a storage locker, the Creative Cloud also acts as an information desk.  Upload files from Photoshop, InDesign or Illustrator and get important file information not provided in other browsers.  Quickly see what font types are used, color schemes and layers.  The cloud interface even allows users to turn off layers, previewing the changes without having to open Adobe!  This is a great way of sharing file previews with someone that does not have Adobe!
  3. Host and manage your websites!  That’s right; Creative Cloud membership comes with hosting for five websites.  This is a great feature for small firms that are trying to optimize their marketing efforts, on a restricted budget.
  4. Training library.  Adobe has always been known to have great training resources via their website.  Creative Cloud members gain access to additional valuable training content from industry experts at Kelby Training, video2brain, Attain & Adobe.  Training material is broken down in to three main categories:  Adobe products, specific workflows, and creative fields.
  5. Install your Adobe products on more than one computer!  A major complaint from business development professionals is that they simply cannot afford to put Adobe on their home machine.  Unless your company has provided you with a laptop, you must be in the office to work on that proposal with an upcoming deadline.  Not with Adobe Creative Suite!  Install the products on two computers, MAC or PC, and use the programs freely as long as the computers are not running at the same time. 

Marketers are constantly looking for more ways to get value out of their tools and efforts. These ancillary features from the Adobe Creative Cloud better help professional services firms tackle day to day functions.

If your firm is looking to take proposals to the next level -- or if you have already made the transition to Adobe and its time to upgrade -- check out the Creative Suite.