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Why Your SMB Firm Should Consider Taking Your ERP Online

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It is common nowadays for firms to have some kind of database or system in place. Unfortunately, not all firms are benefiting from an Online ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. So what is meant by taking an ERP Online? This term is also known as the “cloud” because information is loaded, stored and accessible from the internet.

If your firm hasn’t evaluated taking your ERP Online, as well as, other software and systems, it is worth investigating. Gartner reported in January 2014 that 2% of firms are already on the cloud and within the next 5 years, almost half of those surveyed will be in the cloud. We are finding that SMBs are benefiting the most from the taking their ERP Online as it is keeping them competitive.

So, why are SMBs taking their ERP online or to the cloud?

Can your professional services firm ignore the advantages of the cloud? Put yourself on an even playing field with organizations much larger, and with greater resources. Engage a partner that will work with you to understand your firm, and is familiar with the ins and outs of your current setup to ensure that a proper implementation takes place.

  1. Access your data on the go! Enable your business development team to access all of the pertinent information about leads and clients through mobile applications such as Vision Navigator and Deltek Touch. This invaluable access to data will become the Swiss Army Knife of your business development team’s tool box.
  2. Stay current with the latest technology advancements (not only with your Cloud ERP, but with other technology include Microsoft.) Enjoy the latest and great advancements without being the guinea pig.
  3. Focus on what you do best and let the experts worry about IT. Utilize experts to reduce time sinks and headaches, and let your people do what they do best – their job!
  4. Low entry point - save money. Avoid upfront investments and eliminate the need to manage slow and outdated infrastructure.
  5. Compete with the big dogs. With all of the cost advantages of taking your ERP online to the cloud, your firm will gain the needed firepower to compete with larger firms and stay competitive at all stages of the project.


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