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Navigating the Upgrade to Deltek Vantagepoint

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As dedicated navigators in the vast ocean of Deltek Vantagepoint, we, at Full Sail Partners, are helping our seaworthy clients say a proper goodbye to Deltek Vision 7.6 which served us well for many sun cycles. Luckily, you don’t have to go on this journey alone, nor do you have to be a stowaway on someone else’s cruise. We have many flotation devices to help you stay above water and personally assist you on this upcoming adventure as you swiftly make your way to Deltek Vantagepoint.

At the start of your maiden voyage, the critical role Full Sail Partners will play is to amplify Deltek’s open communication, ensuring that you’re well-informed and prepared for any changes so that new users won’t be left adrift at sea. Our mutual crews can work collaboratively to clean up your Vision databases, map out the current ones plus dream up the future of your firm’s Vantagepoint instance. We also ensure confidence in the new data and the way of operating to launch successfully, and you can look forward to smooth sailing.

Maneuver Easily Using Deltek’s Resources

Consider Deltek’s Customer Assistance Program (CAP)

Embarking on the journey of upgrading to Vantagepoint, consider the CAP ready to steer you through the initial tides of the process. Deltek has meticulously mapped out the voyage for the entire year of 2024 presenting a comprehensive four-week program; a program that’s both a breeze and one that is easy to embark upon.

Click here to learn more about CAP. 

Take Advantage of the Readiness Portal and DLZ

As you endeavor to set sail, the Vantagepoint Readiness Portal is available for each Deltek client. This grants you and your crew an expansive view of the forthcoming advancements with Vantagepoint. This portal is brimming with navigational aids to guide you through the upgrade odyssey, spotlighting the innovative features and enhancements that set Vantagepoint apart from Vision. Should you find yourself off-course, and in need of DLZ access to enter your Readiness Portal, fear not. Signal your trusty first mate at Full Sail Partners (your Account Manager) or drop a message in a bottle to DeltekUniversity@dlz.Deltek.com, and they’ll chart a path to clearer waters.

Take Time to View Further Functionality of Vantagepoint

Furthermore, as with viewing a magnificent rainbow over a seashore, you can align with Deltek or Full Sail Partners to witness Vantagepoint in its full splendor. The array of demos, videos, webinars, and additional resources serve as beacons along the coast, casting light on the system’s functionality and benefits. These guiding lights are designed to help you sail through the newly discovered Vantagepoint sea with poise and assurance.

Strategies for Smooth Sailing in Your Vantagepoint Upgrade

Choose Your Crew Wisely and Clearly Communicate

Assembling an appropriate crew for the upgrade voyage to Vantagepoint is akin to gathering a seasoned team of sailors, each skilled in navigating the different bodies of water of Finance, Marketing/Sales, Operations, and Project Management. Such a diverse crew is a necessity for a successful journey, ensuring a well-rounded perspective as you and your mates chart the course ahead. Furthermore, a clear communication plan like a captain’s orders is essential: articulating concerns, spotlighting benefits, and setting expectations to align every member of the crew on the nautical adventure that awaits.

Map Out Your Pre-Upgrade Operations

Before hoisting the sails and embarking on this grand expedition to a new horizon, it’s paramount to chart your current navigational routes. This cartography of your present workflow is the key to understanding the winds and currents that have brought you this far and preparing for the transition to new waters. Even if you’re enlisting the expertise of a consultant, possessing a detailed map of your current operations is like having the stars to guide you: indispensable for steering the upgrade process in the right direction.

Listen to Feedback and Seek Insight

Feedback loops are the compass for your voyage, essential for maintaining the right course by listening to the feedback from throughout your entire organization. Whether it’s through tailored learning adventures, mentorship from seasoned sailors, or gamified training regattas, engaging your crew in creative and immersive ways is crucial to success. These methods are like the constellations in the night sky, guiding you in gathering insights that are needed for a triumphant transition to Vantagepoint.

Ready for Your Journey to Deltek Vantagepoint?

With the maps, guides and compass needed on your voyage to Deltek Vantagepoint, you and your crew are ready to embark. The upgrade from Vision to Vantagepoint process is not merely a passage from one point to another; it’s an opportunity to set forth on a journey of discovery, to explore uncharted territories in the realm of powering project success. The future awaits, and with Vantagepoint, you’re well-equipped. Get started today by requesting a Vantagepoint upgrade consultation. Click the image below to embark.


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