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The Secret Sauce to Retrieve Deltek Vantagepoint Information - Searches

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Half of organizations say it’s difficult to find internal information, and business professionals spend nearly a quarter of their time searching for the data and files they need to do their work. Centralized databases help make information more accessible—but only if users can find the right information quickly. Retrieving project data in Deltek Vantagepoint is like tapping an “easy” button. With the right know-how, users can quickly find projects and contacts based on complex criteria and easily create more insightful dashboards and reports. Here’s how professional services firms can use searches more effectively in Vantagepoint. 

The Basics 

Navigating to the Search field on the Vantagepoint screen reveals the Saved Searches menu, which allows for quick access to commonly used searches. 


The menu includes Vantagepoint Standard Searches: Active, All, My Active, Project Manager and My Company. These commonly used search options appear in different hubs throughout Vantagepoint. My Searches contains each user’s personally generated custom searches.  

Shared searches are typically created by Vantagepoint administrators or other power users. These global searches are displayed based on each user’s role and permissions.  

How to Navigate Saved Searches  

It’s easy to navigate and preview the searches accessible from the Saved Searches menu. By clicking on an existing search, a preview box of the results appears. Within the preview, users can scan the results or search for the particular record they need.  

Navigate Saved Searches

Users can also select multiple results and click “Done” to see those results. After clicking “Done,” search results are shown in a record-by-record view.  

Navigate Saved Searches 02

At the top of the screen, it shows the total number of records. Each one has its own page, and users can toggle through each record using the arrows next to the record numbers. Users can also see the records in List View by clicking the List icon.  

Navigating Saved Searches 03

List View shows all the selected records in a sortable, filterable format. They can also be edited or modified from the List View table.  

Creating Custom Searches 

Custom searches are easy to use and allow Vantagepoint users to find the precise information they need.  

Basic Custom Search 

In the Contacts Hub, click the New Search button, and the new search window will appear over the current screen.  

 Custom Searches Basic 

By default, it is auto-populated with “Active” in the Contact Status field. Beneath Contact Status, there are three columns. These columns are used to define the criteria for the search:  

  • Field Lookup: Look up fields available within the Hub (in this case, Contacts). 
  • Operator: The operator options tell Vantagepoint how to look for information. For example, if the Field Type is “Firm Name,” the operator options include options like “Contains” or “Is Empty.” Date-based fields include terms like “Is Today.” 
  • Value: This is the “what” that the search engine is looking for, such as “ABC Company” or “March 1, 2021.” 

Vantagepoint automatically generates results below the search bar. The ability to quickly preview search results allows users to tweak the search criteria until they find exactly what they need without having to open a new search each time.  

 Custom Searches 02 

From here, users can click “Apply All” to be taken to the record-by-record view of their search results.  

Advanced Custom Searches 

Since Contact searches are usually fairly simple, the Projects Hub is a good place to explore more advanced search features.   

Custom Searches 04

By default, the Project Status in the top row is set as Active. To view dormant or inactive projects, users can click the “X” next to the status and make another selection.  

 To perform a more advanced search, such as all the projects assigned to a certain project manager within a certain industry, users can combine search criteria.   

  • In the second row, enter “Project Type” as the Field, “equals” as the Operator and “Educational/Educational Facilities” as the Value.  
  • Add a new row. Enter “Project Manager” as the Field and “equals” as the Operator. Enter the project managers’ name(s) as the Value.   


Custom Searches 05

Note that, based on this field type, the available options for Value will appear in the dropdown box. Results that don’t match the query will appear as well but are shown as grayed out.  

Advanced Search Settings 

The Advanced Settings feature, which can be toggled on from the top right corner of the search box, allows for even more flexibility. This allows users to search for the selected criteria on Any level, or on a Project, Phase or Task level.  

Custom Searches 06In this case, if the project managers had been assigned to specific tasks or phases of projects, that would show up here, in addition to project-level assignments. 

Get More Power Search Tips 

With these search tips, professional services firms can take full advantage of the centralized data access that Vantagepoint offers. And there’s more to explore. These tips are highlights from a recent mini-demo covering the full spectrum of search features in Deltek Vantagepoint. To learn more about how your project-based firm can use the search feature for faster, more effective results, watch the full mini-demo: 

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