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What's New in Vantagepoint 7.0?

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Deltek Vantagepoint 7.0 is finally here, and it brings a bunch of new features and enhancements aimed at improving automation, efficiency, and the general user experience. With a focus on providing better data visibility, integrating artificial intelligence, and enhancing the overall user interface, this update promises to change the way professional services firms manage their projects, finances, and resources. Let’s look at a brief overview of the things that’ll get you excited to jump into Deltek Vantagepoint 7.0!

Simplify PTO Updates for Plans

This update ensures more accurate project plans by automating absence requests and making staff availability more visible. This automation helps to improve resource management, allowing project managers to anticipate and plan for workload gaps effectively. The result is enhanced project delivery with fewer disruptions and more predictable outcomes.


Streamlined Financial Processes

One of the standout features of Vantagepoint 7.0 is the automation of financial processes. This includes streamlining the procure-to-pay process and automating time-consuming billing processes. By eliminating manual, error-prone tasks, finance teams can focus on more value-adding activities, improving efficiency and accuracy in financial management.

Enhanced User Experience and Adoption

Next up on the list of improvements is the intuitive user interface with enhanced navigation menus, keyboard shortcuts, and fly-out menus. These improvements are designed to boost user adoption by making the platform easier to navigate and use. With features like explicit save in list view and bulk update capabilities, users can perform tasks more efficiently, leading to improved data quality and user satisfaction.


Empowered Business Intelligence and Flexibility

Deltek Vantagepoint now supports stand-alone Analysis Cubes, allowing users to create and utilize multi-dimensional cubes for business intelligence and advanced reporting. This feature provides the power of cubes without the need for visualization tools like Tableau, enabling connections from various BI tools, like Excel. This flexibility empowers users to leverage their data more effectively for strategic decision-making.

Modernized User Interface

The updated user interface maximizes your screen real estate and simplifies navigation. With a redesigned navigation menu, fly-out menus, and an updated color scheme, users can access information quickly and efficiently. The ability to track new records and improve navigation among them will further enhance the user experience.

Advanced Usability Enhancements

Usability improvements include explicit save in list view, bulk update capabilities, and advanced WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) search. These features allow users to update multiple fields for multiple records simultaneously and simplify data imports. Additionally, defined hubs and mobile capabilities for Time & Expense (T&E), absence requests, and CRM touchpoints make the platform more versatile and user-friendly.

Project Smart Summaries™

Leveraging generative AI, new Project Smart Summaries™ transform project information into actionable intelligence. Users can generate concise summaries that highlight project financial health, recent activities, and plan status. This feature reduces the time spent on data review and enhances the ability to make informed decisions quickly.


Timesheet Assist

This feature streamlines timesheet entry by suggesting projects based on user activity and resource assignments. By analyzing past timesheets, project plan assignments, and timesheet reminders, Timesheet Assist helps users complete their timesheets more accurately and efficiently.

Enhanced Accounts Payable Insights

Vantagepoint 7.0 delivers greater visibility into accounts payable (AP) details on dashboards. Finance leaders can quickly identify cash flow requirements, exception reporting, and company purchases. The ability to view details for pay-when-paid (PWP) and outstanding AP balances by the vendor on a single dashboard provides a clear insight into key AP metrics.

Streamlined Billing Terms Creation

New to Deltek Vantagepoint 7.0 is the ability to automate the creation of fee-based phase billing terms, making it easier to establish terms from the project work breakdown structure and compensation values. This automation improves the accuracy and efficiency of billing processes, reducing administrative overhead.

Opt-In Features for Controlled Rollout

Administrators have the option to enable a subset of new features for additional testing before full production deployment. This controlled rollout ensures a smooth transition and allows organizations to adapt to new functionalities at their own pace.


Introducing Dela, Deltek's Digital Assistant

The newest and probably the most anticipated part of the 7.0 release is Deltek Dela – Deltek’s AI-powered Intelligent Business Companion. Dela is allowing those natural language interactions and prompts for users to take those and interrogate that data more intelligently, they can get answers without running reports. They don't have to dig through multiple dashboards, they don't have to open specific records.

You can have a conversation with Dela like you would with other AI software like ChatGPT. But it’s only your data, only your projects, only your clients so this data becomes much more relevant to your users, much easier to access, and gives your users that ability to interrogate and dig a little bit deeper when they just may not know where to go to get that information.

Today the focus of this is projects including project, financial details, employees, firms, contacts, and activities.

What else is new in Deltek Vantagepoint 7.0?

Deltek Vantagepoint 7.0 is set to revolutionize project management and business operations with its comprehensive enhancements and new features. By focusing on automation, efficiency, and improved user experience, this update promises to deliver significant benefits to users. From more accurate project planning and financial processes to advanced business intelligence capabilities and a modernized user interface, Vantagepoint 7.0 is a game-changer for professional services firms looking to enhance their project management and operational efficiency!

Want to see more on this update? We’ve got a webinar all about it! Click below to see What’s New in Deltek Vantagepoint 7.0!

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