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Why Take Deltek Vision to the Cloud?

Deltek Vision Cloud Did you know that 30% of Vision customers are in the cloud today? That is a fact, and the number is growing every day as more and more Deltek Vision clients are deciding to take their systems to the cloud. Now, what makes the Deltek Vision Cloud so attractive for so many firms?

Always Available and Reliable 

Being able to always fully utilize your Deltek Vision system is vital to run a successful business. With the Deltek Vision Cloud, you can rest assured that your firm will have access to Vision whenever needed with a 99.9% average uptime. What makes this possible? Well, Deltek has a dedicated cloud operations team. Ensuring your data is always safe in case of disaster, with a top-notch disaster recovery environment, is the number one priority.

Know Your Data is Secure in the Deltek Vision Cloud

As the leader in ERP solutions for project-based firms, Deltek knows the importance of data security to these firms. Therefore, Deltek selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure your data is protected by a leader in the data security industry. Working together, AWS maintains the physical infrastructure and security, and Deltek handles application management in the Deltek Vision Cloud. To learn more about AWS, click here.  

Access Deltek Vision from Anywhere

With the Deltek Vision Cloud, if you have a secure internet connection, you can access Deltek Vision from anywhere. This allows your mobile workforce to search data and update information while working remotely. Since Deltek makes protecting your data its top priority, you can be certain that these remote connections are secure.

Keep Up with the Latest Versions

When you use the Deltek Vision Cloud, timely updates to the latest versions of Vision are automatically done for you. As a result, you can free up valuable IT resources from having to implement the updates and hot fixes. Additionally, custom reports and other customizations are easier to maintain in the cloud environment during the update process. Deltek also allows you to determine the best upgrade window for your firm.

Consider Moving to the Deltek Vision Cloud

If your current hardware is aging or you have plans for growth, you can avoid the cost of replacing old hardware or adding new hardware by moving to the Deltek Vision Cloud. Your firm will have safe and reliable Vision access, as well as remote employees with a secure internet connection. Futhermore, you can leave the burden of Vision updates and hot fixes to the dedicated Deltek cloud operations team instead of your IT resources. The cloud is waiting for you.

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