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Bring Data Together with the Blackbox Connector

Blackbox ConnectorData here, data there - this seems to be a continuous issue for professional services firms as more technology solutions designed to overcome specific business challenges enter the market. Luckily, there is an answer to this problem for Deltek Vision and Deltek for Professional Services (DPS) users - the Blackbox Connector. Simply stated, the Blackbox Connector allows users to embrace the power of third-party technology solutions using the data in their Deltek Vision or DPS database. Here’s a look at the current and upcoming integrations available from the Blackbox Connector.

Outbound Marketing Connectors

Email marketing has revolutionized how businesses stay connected with clients. Even more, being able to know who opens and clicks on links in the email becomes valuable business intelligence. With Constant Contact and MailChimp, this information is attainable, and all that is needed for these solutions currently resides in your Deltek database. Click here to learn about email marketing.

With the Blackbox Connector, your Deltek CRM data is easily integrated with Constant Contact or MailChimp. Just create the email in your chosen email marketing solution, and with a push of a button, your target contacts in your Deltek CRM quickly populate the email target list in the email marketing solution. The open and click data for each email campaign will appear in the associated marketing campaign in your Deltek CRM.  

Spend Management Connector

Maximizing your profit means controlling how your business spends money. Spend management requires having timely and actual spend information. The Concur solution allows businesses to automate the expenses process from receipt to reimbursement and to gain visibility into travel expenses. Additionally, the Concur solution provides businesses with the ability to automate accounts payable and see spending before it’s spent. Learn more about spend management here.

The Blackbox Connector for Concur connects these key accounting responsibilities with the accounting tools in Deltek Vision and DPS. The current version of this Connector allows expense data collected in Concur, including receipt images, to automatically populate in the expense module in Deltek Vision or DPS. This enables your firm to take advantage of the powerful expense management capabilities of Concur. The automated accounts payable capabilities from Concur will soon be integrated with Deltek Vision and DPS.

Customer Success Connector

As a firm finishes a project, it doesn’t always mean the client felt it was a success. Ensuring your project delivery was successful requires managing client expectations throughout the lifecycle of the project. The Client Feedback Tool allows businesses to capture feedback periodically throughout the project lifecycle. As a result, your project managers can better manage client expectations. Find out more about client feedback in this article.

Using the Client Feedback Tool Connector, project managers can easily obtain feedback at specific milestones of a project from the project info center or hub in Deltek Vision or DPS. The Client Feedback Tool Connector allows for surveys to send based on multiple criteria such as billing milestones or at a set timeframe utilizing the existing data in Deltek Vision or DPS.

Inbound Marketing Connector

In today’s world, every business is competing to be found on the internet and discovering how your inbound marketing efforts are attracting clients is essential to developing meaningful relationships with prospects. Using the HubSpot marketing software, your firm has access to all the tools it needs to run an inbound marketing campaign. Soon, business development teams will be able to acquire this vital information from HubSpot.

Coming in 2018, the HubSpot Blackbox Connector for Deltek Vision and DPS will allow data collected in HubSpot to populate the associated marketing campaigns in your Deltek CRM. When your inbound marketing efforts generate new contacts, their information will create new contacts in your Deltek CRM. With the Blackbox Connector for HubSpot, your business development team will have great new insight into your firm’s inbound marketing efforts.

Business Intelligence Connector

Having the ability to quickly analyze data to make informed decisions is a necessity to stay ahead of the competition. With Informer 5, users can create, analyze, visualize and collaborate in a user intuitive environment to make data-driven decisions. Informer 5 is a new generation of business intelligence and data analytics.   

In early 2018, Deltek Vision and DPS users will now be able to use Informer 5 to cleanse, merge, and analyze the data in their Deltek database. Firms using the Informer 5 Blackbox Connector will have an edge over their competition using timely and actionable insights.

Integrate Your Data with the Blackbox Connector

Deltek Vision and DPS are powerful solutions designed to help professional services firms win more business and better manage resources by tracking, editing, and analyzing project details. Despite the overwhelming capabilities of an ERP or PSA solution, further technology solutions are sometimes required. This is why the Blackbox Connector was created.  It is specifically designed to allow your firm to maximize the capabilities of your Deltek products, while also taking advantage of these other world class solutions, all along keeping your data in one system. Learn more about how your firm can bring data together.

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