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Top Trends in the AEC Industry

Posted by Ryan Felkel on Wed, Mar 20, 2019 @ 02:10 PM

Cloud ComputingOut of all industries and professional disciplines, architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) leads in innovation. Not just in building design, but in how construction projects are completed. Among other efforts, the AEC industry is embracing modern technology to make projects and overall business more successful. Let’s take a look at some trends.

Moving to the Cloud

Taking your software to the cloud is becoming an extremely cheaper alternative to hosting your own software tools. Software/Desktop as a Service (SaaS/DaaS) is changing the AEC industry for the better. SaaS/DaaS gives employees the ability to access the software products they use from anywhere with an internet connection. As a result, it’s allowing firms to become more efficient and mobile.

Business development teams can retrieve important CRM information about their clients and prospects on-the-go. Project managers can update project records while they are on-site at the project. For AEC firms to stay competitive, they need to embrace SaaS/DaaS solutions to keep up with the changing times. Check out this link to learn more.

BIM Technology

Building information modeling (BIM) technology is not just for large firms anymore. It has now become economical for small firms and even the self-employed. With BIM, AEC firms can create digital models of structures…but it’s not just a 3D representation of a structure; it’s more like 6D. Whereas 3D is width, height and depth, the 4th D is time, the 5th D is cost, and the 6th D evaluates the environment and sustainability of the structure. 

Even more, it’s a shared knowledge base of project information. By using BIM, companies will be apprised of a project’s status by instant access to all project information, even emails. Want to take Deltek Vantagepoint and Vision even further with project management? Check out Deltek PIM here for more information.

Software Integrations Using the Blackbox Connector

Third party software solutions can now be integrated with Deltek Vantagepoint and Vision. Using the Blackbox Connector for Constant Contact or Mailchimp, email marketing efforts are automatically updated in Vantagepoint or Vision. Instead of relying on plain spreadsheets for company business intelligence, firm employees can easily create real-time graphical dashboards with the Informer integration for Vantagepoint or Vision. Learn more about the Blackbox Connector options for Deltek here.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Many AEC firm leaders are hesitant to make an investment into new technology. However, evaluating current practices and exploring ways to use technology to help streamline your business processes can prove to have a true return on investment. How can Full Sail Partners help you embrace modern technology?

Reach Full Sail Partners  

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Why Take Deltek Vision to the Cloud?

Posted by Ryan Felkel on Wed, Aug 23, 2017 @ 11:00 AM

Deltek Vision Cloud Did you know that 30% of Vision customers are in the cloud today? That is a fact, and the number is growing every day as more and more Deltek Vision clients are deciding to take their systems to the cloud. Now, what makes the Deltek Vision Cloud so attractive for so many firms?

Always Available and Reliable 

Being able to always fully utilize your Deltek Vision system is vital to run a successful business. With the Deltek Vision Cloud, you can rest assured that your firm will have access to Vision whenever needed with a 99.9% average uptime. What makes this possible? Well, Deltek has a dedicated cloud operations team. Ensuring your data is always safe in case of disaster, with a top-notch disaster recovery environment, is the number one priority.

Know Your Data is Secure in the Deltek Vision Cloud

As the leader in ERP solutions for project-based firms, Deltek knows the importance of data security to these firms. Therefore, Deltek selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure your data is protected by a leader in the data security industry. Working together, AWS maintains the physical infrastructure and security, and Deltek handles application management in the Deltek Vision Cloud. To learn more about AWS, click here.  

Access Deltek Vision from Anywhere

With the Deltek Vision Cloud, if you have a secure internet connection, you can access Deltek Vision from anywhere. This allows your mobile workforce to search data and update information while working remotely. Since Deltek makes protecting your data its top priority, you can be certain that these remote connections are secure.

Keep Up with the Latest Versions

When you use the Deltek Vision Cloud, timely updates to the latest versions of Vision are automatically done for you. As a result, you can free up valuable IT resources from having to implement the updates and hot fixes. Additionally, custom reports and other customizations are easier to maintain in the cloud environment during the update process. Deltek also allows you to determine the best upgrade window for your firm.

Consider Moving to the Deltek Vision Cloud

If your current hardware is aging or you have plans for growth, you can avoid the cost of replacing old hardware or adding new hardware by moving to the Deltek Vision Cloud. Your firm will have safe and reliable Vision access, as well as remote employees with a secure internet connection. Futhermore, you can leave the burden of Vision updates and hot fixes to the dedicated Deltek cloud operations team instead of your IT resources. The cloud is waiting for you.

Thinking Out Cloud


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Stop Flushing Your Valuable Resources Down the Drain with Siloed Data

Posted by Graham Gardner on Wed, Jun 22, 2016 @ 02:00 PM

siloed_data.pngThe technology and applications that power your firm are critical to the overall mission of your organization. Unfortunately many of these applications are disconnected which causes us to end up with siloed data. So what’s the big deal? Firms that end up with siloed data spend more time flushing valuable resources (time and money) down the drain than working towards their overall business objectives! Do you really want to spend more time managing your data, than managing your clients?! Stop flushing your resources down the drain by eliminating siloed applications from your organization.

But wait, what exactly is a siloed application? Siloed applications are partitions within organizations that isolate departments, teams and even people. These applications do not communicate or share data with any other system, greatly limiting your ability to leverage the data living inside of these systems.

Are You Stuck in a Data Silo, But Don’t Even Know It?

Have you ever stopped to think about how your internal systems communicate and share data? Perhaps you’re unsure about the overall connectivity of your business systems. Read the below scenarios to see if you are suffering from siloed data.

  • Your systems are slowing you down and preventing you from making real-time decisions
  • You find yourself unsure of where critical data lives. Or even worse, you find yourself locked out of accessing data because you don’t know the right username or password
  • You are unable to track campaign/project results without checking multiple systems
  • You are representing data in multiple locations, causing the need for duplicate entry

If the above scenarios describe your firm, then you are suffering from data silos. Fortunately for you, this is a common problem and there is a solution!

How Can You Get Rid of Data Silos?

There are many ways to get rid of data silos in your professional services organization. The trick is finding the right solution that fits your corporate culture. Here are some examples of ways to break free from the grips of siloed data:

  1. Take it to the cloud. As we have written about in previous blogs, there are multiple benefits to taking your organization’s data to the cloud. The benefits are clear in strict terms of breaking your data free from restrictive silos. Mainly, once your data lives in a cloud based application or system you are now able to leverage connections to this data from all over the world. Gone are the days of being tied to a desk. Employees are doing more than ever before and they are doing it from all around the world!
  2. Centralize your data storage with a master record set. Creating a master data set will introduce a method to the madness of managing disparate data. Next time you are evaluating a new piece of software or application ask yourself how it fits in with your already established master data set. Is it worth adopting this technology if it only creates additional silos? This is something that you will need to review with all key decision makers and stakeholders.
  3. If you connect it, they will come. Unfortunately we find ourselves living in a world of highly specialized technology. There is a reason the average company has 5.5 applications per employee; in today’s highly competitive market we need access to the tools that can help differentiate us from our competition. Fortunately, integration technologies are becoming widely available.

    Once seen as an option only available for major corporations, application integrations have become common place in both the business and personal world. If you have ever hooked your Instagram account up to your Facebook account – you’ve used an integration. If you’ve ever synced your email accounts to one central mailbox – you’ve used an integration.

    Integrations allow us to get the most out of current investments, while not limiting the technology available to our business teams. In fact, many firms won’t even consider purchasing new software if it does not have integration capability.

Not Sure Where to Start?

If you are ready to start breaking free of these data silos, but don’t know where to begin, we have the webinar for you. Join Pete Nuffer as he presents Dude Where’s My Data. This webinar will review best practices focused around data integrity, including the establishment of a master record set. See how new out of the box tools can be used to promote data sharing within your organization.

Eliminate Siloed Data with Integrations

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Join the 21st Century and Get More Social with Deltek Kona

Posted by Rana Blair on Wed, May 28, 2014 @ 09:00 AM

In the last 200 years we’ve developed a variety of methods for communicating with one another.  We’ve taken the journey from individual letters delivered by horse to instant mass communication.  How can things get any more social than that? Deltek Kona, that's how!

Being ‘social’ involves more than just communicating and working together. Merriam-Webster defines social as relating to or involving activities in which people spend time talking to each other or doing enjoyable things with each other”. 

The key phrases “talking to” and “doing enjoyable things with” only seem to reference something outside of the workplace.  In the 1980s, the focus was on output and productivity.  In the decades that followed, we labored to attain the ever elusive ‘work-life balance’.  In the new millennium, we strive toward contributing fully in our work and personal lives without restrictions of time and space.  We want to enjoy ALL of our life.

get more social, deltek konaDeltek Kona, released in spring 2012, combines all that we know about working together with the best methods of communication.  It presents that blend to us allowing us to talk to each other AND do enjoyable things with each other across our work and personal lives.  Guided by the principles of confluence, immersion, accessibility, and digestibility; the innovators at Deltek Kona have found a way to leverage the best of all the communication tools developed in the past 50 centuries (not a typo: we still draw on walls to convey our thoughts) to help us interact in a more social and enjoyable way today. 

How does Deltek Kona help us get more social?

Use Deltek Kona to Create a Hometown

Kona is organized around context specific spaces or groups.  Each space is formed with a level of focus appropriate for its purpose.  There are no limits to the number of spaces an individual can belong to or the number of members in any one space.  Each space landing page is the “hometown” for the group allowing members to participate in and view interactions that are taking place.  Over time, users begin to become acquainted with each other’s concerns, thought processes, and involvements.

Enhancing Personal Interaction

Individual users may have more than one group in common across work and personal interests.  Knowing more about what you have in common with others allows you to get more social with them as individuals.  The ability to create and store one-on-one conversations with people in your Kona network allows users continuity and privacy even when time and distance are barriers to traditional communication methods.

There are times when we are having a conversation in a group but need to direct our comments to a particular person.  Deltek Kona incorporates “@mention” functionality to expand the personal contact in the context specific discussion. Nothing encourages us to communicate more than feeling like we are being listened to and understood.

Eliminating Polarization

Deltek Kona was built to be free.  Users can enhance their organizational experience with an upgraded account.  Regardless of the type of account, the experience and interaction is the same. This removes the barriers of participation across all members of the group and continues the social experience as no one is barred from participation because they must pay.  This allows us to use Kona for all sorts of purposes, from family reunions, to political organizations, to multi-firm business projects.

Deltek Kona further removes barriers by elimination of platform dependencies.  The Kona software works the same on any operating system and internet browser.  The accessibility extends to the mobile platform where users continue to get more social from wherever they are and whenever they want to. 

Increasing Personal choice

One of the favored features of the Deltek Kona product is its flexibility with the individual users’ need to digest information and connect on in his or her own time.  From the moment one opens the Kona product, it is clear which items take priority.  A user can access a conversation with 20 unviewed in-line comments and get a clear picture within minutes.  This is the first step in creating an enjoyable social experience when working with a group.

Because the Kona team recognizes that email has its merits, they’ve enabled the individual to decide how much or little Kona activity is transferred to email.  The possibilities to limit but not eliminate are almost endless for the individual user.  Being able to choose which groups to get more social with enhances the interactions that are wanted.

With much of our productivity arising from collaborative efforts conducted across vast geographic spaces, we meet and interact with more people than ever.  The Deltek Kona tool allows us to stay informed and control the inflow of information leading to a more relaxed experience.  When we remove unnecessary stressors, we naturally take time to get more social and find common ground with those around us.  Sign-up for Deltek Kona today and join the 21st Century’s answer to communicating, socializing, and getting things done.


Deltek Kona, Social Collaboration




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From Marketer to CXO, What Does CRM Mean for You?

Posted by Graham Gardner on Thu, Apr 24, 2014 @ 08:43 AM

What does crm mean

What does CRM Mean? CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a solution that enables your firm to cultivate relationships and gain valuable insight in to marketing efforts. An integrated CRM solution brings together data from all data sources within an organization to provide a holistic real-time view of each customer or campaign. This real-time knowledge provides your team with the metrics and data needed to make informed decisions in a quick, yet calculated manner. 

What Does CRM Mean for My Firm 

A CRM system is truly something that each member of your team can benefit from. Examples of the benefits a CRM solution provides include: 

  • Track client contact information | No need for the use of virtual cards or digging through outlook to find email signatures, a CRM allows your entire firm to store valuable customer information in one location.
  • Monitor marketing campaigns and efforts | What good are your marketing efforts if you cannot track the results? Track the effectiveness of your efforts and campaigns to help better refine your message and target audience.
  • Review past engagements | Utilize dashboards to easily track which messages, campaigns, and leads resulted in the highest wins.
  • Access customer (or lead!) information, on the go | Never get left out in the cold again! Gain access to your customer information on the go! Readily available intelligence allows your business development staff to go out and produce, and track, results.

What does CRM mean for your SMB, and how can you use it to grow stronger? The answer is simple; a CRM solution means that as your business grows, and the associated contacts and connections grow with it, you have the ability to manage a myriad of relationships across your entire firm. Clients are the lifeblood of any professional services firm, and without a proper CRM solution in place, you are essentially ignoring an open wound. So how can your firm use CRM to manage an opportunity from concept to completion? Simple: 

  • Pipeline and Cash-flow forecasting | Avoid rough patches and dry spouts by becoming intimately familiar with your pipeline of potential new business, and the value of your current projects.
  • Track progress on current sales opportunities, review historical information on past opportunities | When speaking to a client or prospect, easily log details about the conversation for later follow-up. Tracking detailed information about interactions can allow you to win future work, based on often overlooked past experiences.
  • Create milestones for each step of the project, and specify a target completion dateTasks can be created and associated with each milestone within the project, so you have more granular control of what needs to be done, by whom, when.
  • Comprehensive reporting allows deeper insight | Setup your marketing goals within your CRM and track status and progress quickly and easily.

It is important to not only track valuable customer data, but to do so in a way that promotes sharing amongst your team. Promote growth and sharing and consider taking your customer data in to the cloud with an all-in-one CRM solution that consolidates all of your information in to an easy to access system. Stop wasting valuable customer insights and information, and start impressing customers with your deep firm-wide knowledge about each relationship. 

So next time someone asks you ‘what does CRM mean’, you can tell them, “CRM means winning more work!” 


Deltek Vision CRM

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IT Consultant, Cloud Solution, Cost Savings … Oh My!

Posted by Wes Renfroe on Wed, Apr 16, 2014 @ 02:00 PM

Cloud Solution, IT ConsultantJust like Dorothy in the Land of Oz, we are all searching for the great and powerful wizard to handle our problems, like computing.  Instead of the brave lion, the full-of-heart tin man, or the intelligent scarecrow, our companions to this all-powerful place are IT Consultants who lead us to today’s version of the Land of Oz … the Cloud Solution. 

What is a Cloud Solution?

First, let’s talk about this land that, to many people, seems amorphous and far away – the Cloud Solution for your IT problems.  The cloud is really a symbol for an ever available electronic network that relieves you of managing your IT infrastructure.  To bring it closer to earth … the cloud is really a partnership where another company manages all of your IT needs including securely storing your computer data, handling all hardware and software needs, and allowing you continuous access to your computing.  

The cloud takes the IT infrastructure burden off you

and allows you to focus your energies on what you do best.

Here’s an example … let’s say you’re a small construction engineering firm.  Your engineers can create CAD designs that are a thing of beauty.  But managing an internal network, updating software and hardware, and troubleshooting issues are just not in their skill set.  Furthermore, researching and buying all those computers and other technical devices is a massive non-revenue generating responsibility.  You need someone to take care of all this – you need a Cloud Solution that will eliminate headaches, and provide benefits: 

  • Reduce costs – managing your entire IT hardware and software structure and all labor with people whose first skill and interest is taking care of your computing.  
  • Be disaster safe – with disasters like hurricanes and wildfires, it’s nice to know that your data is housed in a facility specifically designed to protect the hardware and software from these types of occurrences.  Is your building that safe?
  • Be green – these days, we’re all trying to do our part in taking care of our planet; the less energy we use and the fewer old computers that end up in a landfill is a big part of that.  Cloud computing manages this far more effectively than many businesses are designed to do.
  • But most importantly, allow secure access to your data from anywhere, at any time on any device.  

Yes, literally.  Access.  Anywhere.  Anytime.  Anything.

What does a good IT Consultant do?

“Sounds good,” you say, “But who will get me started?”  That’s where you work with an IT Consultant from Full Sail Partners.  According to Forbes.com, “Be the Best Consultant Ever:  6 Things That Will Make You Great” (11/05/13), a successful consultant will:

  • Do exactly what they say they are going to do
  • Pay attention to details which produce error-free deliverables
  • Truly be the “expert”
  • Think critically through all possible solutions
  • Be resourceful
  • Probe effectively and listen critically

In short, a good IT Consultant is there for YOU. 

So when we pulled back those drapes and learned the great and powerful Oz is, in fact, Full Sail Partners, all fears vanished.  Full Sail offers the consulting expertise and a free webinar to further help solidify the benefits of cloud consulting.  And, luckily, there is no need to click our heels three times to find that consultant – one click of a mouse and you’re on your way.  

And, yes, you can keep the ruby red slippers … you’re welcome!

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Why Your SMB Firm Should Consider Taking Your ERP Online

Posted by Graham Gardner on Thu, Mar 27, 2014 @ 03:00 PM
ERP Online, Cloud

It is common nowadays for firms to have some kind of database or system in place. Unfortunately, not all firms are benefiting from an Online ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. So what is meant by taking an ERP Online? This term is also known as the “cloud” because information is loaded, stored and accessible from the internet.

If your firm hasn’t evaluated taking your ERP Online, as well as, other software and systems, it is worth investigating. Gartner reported in January 2014 that 2% of firms are already on the cloud and within the next 5 years, almost half of those surveyed will be in the cloud. We are finding that SMBs are benefiting the most from the taking their ERP Online as it is keeping them competitive.

So, why are SMBs taking their ERP online or to the cloud?

Can your professional services firm ignore the advantages of the cloud? Put yourself on an even playing field with organizations much larger, and with greater resources. Engage a partner that will work with you to understand your firm, and is familiar with the ins and outs of your current setup to ensure that a proper implementation takes place.

  1. Access your data on the go! Enable your business development team to access all of the pertinent information about leads and clients through mobile applications such as Vision Navigator and Deltek Touch. This invaluable access to data will become the Swiss Army Knife of your business development team’s tool box.
  2. Stay current with the latest technology advancements (not only with your Cloud ERP, but with other technology include Microsoft.) Enjoy the latest and great advancements without being the guinea pig.
  3. Focus on what you do best and let the experts worry about IT. Utilize experts to reduce time sinks and headaches, and let your people do what they do best – their job!
  4. Low entry point - save money. Avoid upfront investments and eliminate the need to manage slow and outdated infrastructure.
  5. Compete with the big dogs. With all of the cost advantages of taking your ERP online to the cloud, your firm will gain the needed firepower to compete with larger firms and stay competitive at all stages of the project.


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Deltek Kona Calendar Integration with Microsoft Outlook

Posted by Sean Keller on Thu, Jul 18, 2013 @ 09:00 AM

Deltek Kona is a cloud-based social collaboration and productivity platform that empowers individuals and groups to connect, organize and get things done together. Through the use of collaborative spaces, users have the ability to coordinate, share, and schedule events or tasks with teams and groups.

Groups that use Kona vary from companies to individuals. Companies communicate with team members, internal and external, on company initiatives, proposals submissions, and the execution of projects every day.  Individuals involved in organizations and personal groups need a way to coordinate efforts among participants.  You may find yourself in both of these circles.  No matter if you are a company or individual, each find Kona brings the conversation, tasks assignments, and files needed to a centralized space.

Most companies and individuals are already accustom to viewing their calendar in Outlook (Entourage for Mac) or Google. The good news with Kona is you can integrate the Kona web calendar into other calendar applications.  For today's example we will walk you through viewing your Kona calendar in Microsoft Outlook 2013. This allows you to see the Kona calendar along with any calendars you have setup in Outlook to provide a quick visual of all of your Kona spaces. 

Step 1

Login to http://www.Kona.com

Deltek Kona 

Step 2

Select the calendar by clicking on the Events tab

Kona Calendar 

Step 3

Click on Calendar

Deltek Kona Calendar

Step 4

Select Share this Calendar from the drop down menu

Deltek Kona Calendar, Instructions 

Step 5

Select the link displayed in the window and copy it.

Deltek Kona, Calendar Integration 

Step 6

Open outlook and switch to the calendar view. Notice the list of calendars displayed at the bottom left.

Deltek Kona, Kona, Calendar Integration 

Step 7

Right click on Other Calendars and select Add Calendar, From Internet

Deltek Kona, Kona, Calendar Integration, Internet Calendar 

Step 8

Paste the link from Kona in the New Internet Calendar Subscription box and click on OK.

Deltek Kona, Internet Calendar 

Step 9

Notice the Kona Calendar is now displayed in the bottom left

Kona, Deltek Kona, Outlook Integration 

Step 10

Multiple calendars can are displayed when additional calendars from the list are selected

Outlook Calendar Integration 

Step 11

Click on the arrow beside a calendar to combine the view.

 Kona, Outlook, Integration

Step 12

Now the Calendars and all appointments are all displayed in a single calendar view

Outlook, Kona, Single Calendar 

Making the Kona calendar viewable in Microsoft Outlook is a great way to boost productivity, social collaboration, and calendar management. You can use similar techniques to attach other Internet based calendars to Outlook as well. The attached calendar is read only and is not editable from Outlook. This is a slight draw back but the ability to see the Kona calendar without switching applications provides a quick and convenient planning in Outlook.

Interested in Kona? Contact us for a demo or to discuss how Kona can help you.

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Deltek Vision Tips: SaaS Administrator Guide and Instructions

Posted by Dale Busbey on Thu, Mar 28, 2013 @ 09:26 AM

So, you are in the Cloud!  Your company has purchased Deltek Vision Essentials ERP software and you have been assigned as the SaaS Administrator.  You may find yourself wondering, “What does this mean for me?  What do I need to do first? Where do I start?”  At first the task may seem overwhelming as you receive letters, guides and instructions on “How to get started.”  We at Full Sail Partners want you to know that you are not alone, and that we have put together answers to some of the questions asked most often when a client purchases their new Cloud solution.

What do I need to do first? 

As the assigned SaaS Administrator, you will receive a welcome letter.  The most important task to perform at this time is to print out and read the Deltek Vision SaasSaaS Administrator Guide.  It will be a valuable resource for you during the initial set up.

What is the next step after I read the guide?

The second most important task as the SaaS Administrator is to set up your Deltek Customer Care Account.  This account will be where most communication takes place between you and Deltek.  If you are not a new client and will be migrating data from an existing Vision database or a prior Deltek product, this portal will be the first stop to transfer your files. 

Can’t I just have Full Sail Partners set up my account?

Because of the importance placed on security, only the Saas Administrator may submit service requests on behalf of their firm.  These requests are submitted solely through your account access on the Deltek Customer Care portal.  The SaaS administrator will work closely with Full Sail Partners on the implementation process.  However, only the SaaS Administrator can request things like data uploads, receive system maintenance communications, request backup restores, submit invoice graphics or request a sandbox.  

How do I keep up with announcements regarding scheduled maintenance or issues with my service? 

Deltek Vision SaaS, Deltek Vision First EssentialsThe SaaS Administrator must also subscribe to the Deltek Vision knowledge based article 67385.  The article can be accessed at: http://bit.ly/143PgnX.  This page is used by Deltek specifically for Vision Essentials related communications—including announcements regarding planned and unplanned maintenance.   In order to stay abreast of the most recent announcements, it is important the SaaS Administrator signs up for notification alerts from this article.  You may do so by choosing the “notify me” selection at the bottom of the screen on the Deltek Vision knowledge based article page.

A dialogue box will then appear stating your request has been successfully submitted. Click OK. You are now set up to receive any notifications about maintenance or access issues with your Vision Essentials software.   

As the primary person responsible, what if I am not available? Can a second Administrator be added?

Absolutely! Deltek encourages all clients in the Cloud to have a second administrator assigned to their account.  You, as the SaaS administrator, may request a second administrator be named through the Deltek Customer Care Portal.  The request should include the full name and email address of the administrator that is being added or changed. You may even assign Full Sail Partners as your second Administrator.  This will give us the ability to upload databases and custom files directly for you.  Your account manager with Full Sail Partners can provide you with the appropriate name and e-mail information if you decide to assign our firm as your second SaaS administrator.

How do I add graphics to my firms invoices?Deltek Vision SaaS

Graphics can be added by sending a request through the Deltek Customer Care Support Site.  You will be asked to submit the graphics image file you want to use, so please make sure to have it on hand before starting the request. 

My firm has experienced a serious event that has created the need for a backup and restore of our data.  May I request the data from a specific point in time?

Yes.  Deltek back-ups client data no less than once every 24 hours.  There is also a backup performed once every 7 days.  The daily backups are kept for 1 week and the weekly backups are kept for 4 weeks.  If you require a restore from a specific point in time, you may send the request through Deltek Customer Care indicating the past time frame you need for the restore.  You must also include the time that you would like for the restore to take place as your system will be unavailable while the restore is performed.   Vision Essentials clients are allowed 4 Backup and restores per year.

Is there other information I should review?

Being the SaaS Administrator is a very important assignment.  Keep in mind, you are the keystone for communication between your firm and Deltek.  Being informed by familiarizing yourself with the SaaS Administrator Guide and subscribing to the Deltek Knowledge Based Article 67385 which will notify you of the availability and functionality of your Vision system is essential to your success as the SaaS Administrator for your firm.Deltek Vision Training, Deltek Vision Support

Ready to take the next step?  Empower your employees through training!
According to a study by the American Society for Training and Development, companies that invested the most in training had a shareholder return that was 46% percent higher than the market average.

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Full Sail Partners Awarded Premier Partner Distinction from Deltek

Posted by Graham Gardner on Wed, Sep 19, 2012 @ 04:25 PM

Deltek recognizes Full Sail Partners as a top-performing business partner.

deltek premier partner, full sail partners, deltek products

Full Sail Partners, offering business consulting, technology solutions, and application hosting for Deltek Vision, is chosen as a 2012 Deltek Premier Partner. Deltek, Inc., the leading global provider of enterprise software and information solutions for government contractors and professional services firms, offers this distinction to top-performing business partners. To achieve Premier Partner status, Full Sail Partners demonstrated continuing excellence in marketing, selling, implementing, and supporting their customers with Deltek solutions.  

“Full Sail Partners continues to differentiate itself as a true industry thought leader and serves as an advocate for hundreds of clients,” said Claus Thorsgaard, Deltek’s EVP and General Manager – Professional Services.  “Our mutual clients appreciate Full Sail Partners’ ability to leverage Deltek Vision to provide insight on product enhancements, new product releases, and feature functionality.  I would like to congratulate Kevin O’Connor and everyone at Full Sail Partners. We are pleased to recognize the accomplishments and talents of the individuals of this top performing company.”

“We at Full Sail Partners are extremely honored and proud to once again be named a Deltek Premier Partner.  I am grateful to our clients who provided us the opportunity to continue to serve them in 2012,” said Kevin P. O’Connor, President of Full Sail Partners.  “The energy and professionalism the group at Full Sail Partners consistently brings speaks to their passion for providing quality services to our clients.”

The Full Sail Partner team sees that 2012 and beyond affords many opportunities to project-based clients with the release of Deltek Vision First Essentials and a host of software enhancements.  As a Deltek Premier Partner, Full Sail Partners is committed to working with clients to help strategically plan and leverage the solutions within the Vision suite of tools.  Full Sail Partners' team, collectively, brings more than 200 years of experience with Deltek products and is excited to unveil in late third quarter of 2012 unique technology solutions to assist with business needs.

About Full Sail Partners
Full Sail Partners specializes in client-focused technology solutions for architects and engineers, energy and environmental consultants, and professional service firms across the country. Full Sail Partners offers business consulting, technology solutions, and application hosting for Deltek Vision. Partnering with more than 1000 clients nationwide, Full Sail Partners builds long-term relationships and seeks to identify the critical resources to create a faster, more efficient, and cohesive business infrastructure.

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About Deltek
Deltek (Nasdaq: PROJ) is the leading global provider of enterprise software and information solutions for professional services firms and government contractors. For decades, we have delivered actionable insight that empowers our customers to unlock their business potential. 15,000 organizations and 2 million users in over 80 countries around the world rely on Deltek to research and identify opportunities, win new business, optimize resources, streamline operations, and deliver more profitable projects. 

Deltek – Know more. Do More. | For more on Deltek, visit http://www.deltek.com.


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