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Reasons to be Thankful for Deltek Vantagepoint

Deltek’s new Vantagepoint product has been completely reimagined. It’s a true showstopper. Why? Because it supports the entire project lifecycle from start to finish. And the Full Sail Partners Crew is proud and thankful to give project-based firms the power and the tools they’ve been seeking, all thanks to the power of Deltek Vantagepoint.

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More specifically, the Full Sail Partners Crew was asked about the specific Vantagepoint features they were most thankful, and this article shares some of those.

Ability to Get Vantagepoint CRM Insight in the Email Inbox

“I am thankful for Vantagepoint Outlook Connect to see the history of clients and ability to log emails while in Outlook.” Sarah Gonnella, Vice President of Marketing and Sales

With the Deltek Vantagepoint Outlook Connect, users can see the interaction history between contacts, clients, and projects as well as quickly log emails into Vantagepoint. Basically, this feature allows users to bring Vantagepoint into their Outlook inboxes. And this tool comes with other features like the ability to sync calendars and schedule meetings while saving them in Vantagepoint at the same time.

To learn more about the Vantagepoint Outlook Connect, watch this video.

Simple, Intuitive User Experience

“I’m thankful for the modern look and feel of Deltek Vantagepoint.” Cate Phillips, Relationship Manager

“I am thankful for browser agnostic access, so we are not tied to Internet Explorer anymore.” Heath Harris, IT Consultant

“I am thankful for the navigation tree menu search. It makes getting around in the system so much easier and faster!” Nicole Temple, Principal Consultant

“The left summary pane in each hub keeps the most relevant information in view. This is helpful to keep high level information in view when tabbing through records.” Amanda Roussel, Senior Consultant

It’s no surprise that several Crew members were thankful for the modern design and accessibility of Deltek Vantagepoint. It is truly a solution that is a more efficient way to work. Vantagepoint enables teamwork and collaboration via a single tool and empowers users with a simple, intuitive experience.

Access Information to Make Better, Faster Business Decisions

“I am thankful for all reporting options in one area with filtering capabilities.” Terri Agnew, Senior Consultant

“I’m thankful for out-of-the-box, role-based dashboards!” Rick Childs, Principal Consultant

Deltek Vantagepoint allows firms to monitor the health of the business in one place. It provides complete visibility into every aspect of the business by measuring performance by project, client, team and more. As a result, firms can make faster, better decisions with all the information in a single view on interactive dashboards.

See how to quickly business intuitive reporting in this mini-demo.

Vantagepoint Streamlines Expense Report Creation

I’m grateful of the fact that Deltek Vantagepoint can automatically match credit card charges with expense items. It’s functionality that many clients out there have come to expect and Deltek can now deliver directly.” Joel Slater, Product Sales Manager

With Deltek Vantagepoint, users can automatically match credit card charges with expense items. They can do this using a desktop, a tablet, or a mobile device. Once matched, Vantagepoint makes recommendation for close dates, amounts, etc. Users can also add the expenses to existing reports or create new reports.

“Along the same lines of Expense Reporting, I’m also grateful that Deltek Vantagepoint has included ICR functionality. Today it’s only available for expense receipts, but who knows what the future holds for this capability.” Joel Slater, Product Sales Manager

Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) for expenses simplifies expenses and improves the accuracy of expense reports. It does this by reading text from receipts and populates the expense in the Vantagepoint mobile app. It also reads handwriting and leverages machine learning.

To learn more about ICR and why Joel is so excited about the future possibilities of ICR, read this blog article.

Easily See Remaining Effort on Projects, without Complex Reports

“Easy planning focused on the remaining effort and its ability to report very clearly on all I need to manage the financials on a project without running a report!” Rana Blair, Principal Consultant

The key to ensuring that the most current data is visible to other users is to allow project mangers the ability to update their projects quickly. When project managers act, such as changes to dates, resources, and scope, beneficiaries can rest assured they are reviewing the most current information.

Check out this mini demonstration, to see how project managers and accountants can quickly update components of the project and plan while instantly updating the results in project performance and Resource Utilization.

One Project Record, Fosters Collaboration Across Departments

“One project record from the earliest pursuit through project closeout and beyond. This brings numerous groups together within a firm and removes many information barriers.” Amanda Roussel, Senior Consultant

Projects are critical to the success of professional services firms. Deltek Vantagepoint gives these firms insight to into the entire project lifecycle. With the project command center, all the project information is in one place—from pursuit and proposal, through project planning and financial management.

Create Timesheet Entries from Outlook Calendar

“I’m thankful that you can create timesheet entries from your Outlook calendar.” Gina Stamper, Account Manager

Employees have countless tasks that they are responsible for including keeping timesheets up to date. Even more, staying organized with meetings and client appointments adds to the burden. However, Deltek Vantagepoint’s calendar feature will help eliminate these struggles.

The Deltek Vantagepoint Calendar allows users to keep track of their billable engagements and allows this information to easily be added to a timesheet with a few clicks. See it in action in this mini demonstration.

Thankful for Deltek Vantagepoint

There are a wide variety of features added to Deltek Vantagepoint that maximize productivity, boost collaboration, improve efficiency, and increase profitability. And the Full Sail Partners Crew highlights just a few of the features they are thankful for, many of which improve the work lives of multiple departments in the firm.

If you’ve already upgraded to Vantagepoint, share the feature you’re most thankful for in the comments below.

If you’re still considering Vantagepoint, feel free to watch the Powering Project Success with Deltek Vantagepoint demo series.

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